Wendigo Uprising by Wendie Nordgren – A Book Review

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Wendigo Uprising (Wendigo Redemption - Book 1) by Wendie Nordgren - A Book Review #BookReview #Dystopian #PNR #RH #FastBurn #NotKU #3Stars

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Wendigo Uprising

(Wendigo Redemption – Book 1)

by Wendie Nordgren
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fast Burn RH, Dystopian, PNR
Available on Kindle 

Down & Dirty

With an old western like feel, this Dystopian PNR celebrates the illusive Wendigo, presenting an alternative origin to this most maligned of legends. On Kindle.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

In the post-apocalyptic Republic of Texas, orphaned Rozene York tries to make a life for herself on the surface, but it isn’t going as she had hoped. Desperate for something better, she answers a summons from her deceased grandfather’s executor and travels to Silver Springs only to find that her true inheritance is a secret legacy that has been passed on for generations involving her family land.

As the last of her line, Rozene is the only one who can save the six brothers who are cursed to endure forever and driven to feed on the living. They are Wendigoag, soul eaters, and without Rozene they will lose their centuries long battle against the demon who cursed them.

The Wendigoag are not the only ancient secret left exposed by a civilization left in ruins. When another war begins among the two-natured, Rozene is caught between the deadly territorial battles of werewolves and bear shifters.

However, another battle rages within Rozene’s heart between a sexy cowboy, an infuriating chief, and a cursed one who needs her as much as she needs him.


This is a Reverse Harem series which features alternative romantic dynamics and sexual themes more suited to an adult audience.

Thoughts on Wendigo Uprising

After the Great War, when the bombs fell and civilization changed forever, the past is resurrected for one woman with a blessed… or cursed… blood line.

This plot weaves and flows, dragging the reader from the far past, before the European’s came to the American Coast, to a dystopian future that teases both loss and hope. Now, at the edges of the Republic of Texas, the past and the future collide, threatening misconceptions and revealing truths few are prepared to face.

While I enjoyed the premise of this book, and how the entire narrative was penned with a slight ‘old western’ feel… I was left feeling disconnected. Things progress a bit too fast, with Sam, with Hunting Wolf, with Colby… it’s all just too fast with little explanation for feelings or WHY she feels the way she does. It jumps around, staggering through plot points while dropping breadcrumbs that SHOULD be interesting, but fall flat.

I can see how this books would gain fans, as it explores facets of this sub-genre that are generally ignored, along with the diverse mix of the potential Harem, but it is not one that I, personally, will be following. Still worth giving a chance though, you never know – this might be your next favorite read.


  • Interesting Concept.
  • World building is fascinating…. and heart wrenching.
  • I love the idea of the Wendigo.
  • Hunting Wolf’s thought processes actually strengthen the idea that he is old, old, old.


  • Way too fast in certain aspects. I do not mind a fast burn AT ALL, but this one appeared that way while lacking reason or purpose. I get Colby and even Hunting Wolf, but Sam’s introduction left much to be desired.
  • Rozene does not feel like a strong character, not to fill the role in which she has been forced. She might grow into it (and there is that fight in the parking lot, which was awesome) but for now, she annoyed me.


First Person, Mostly Single POV with limited third person, multiple POV

Ending Type

Episodic, pseudo Cliffhanger



Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Wendigo Uprising

Interesting concept with fascinating world building. Dystopian, paranormal and somehow a western – all rolled into one.

Published January 27th, 2018
220 Pages

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