Up With The Crows by Zoe Parker – A Book Review

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Up with the Crows by Zoe Parker - A Book Review (The Unsylum Series - Book 1) Perfect start to a promising new series! #PNR #MustRead #Paranormal #BookReview

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Up With The Crows (The Unsylum Series – Book 1)

by Zoe Parker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paranormal Romance (I think it’s a romance?)

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Bloody Fantastic Book! Add it to your queue today!

What is it about?

Mel is suffering a run of bad luck… actually, a life of bad luck. Despite a solid work ethic and a heart so full of compassion she could make a nun weep, she can’t hold a job, a boyfriend or a savings account. After yet another disaster of a job interview, Mel sees the holy grail of treasures for all feather hunters… a crow’s feather. For some reason, following that feather – and the crow it fell from, seems to make sense in Mel’s otherwise messed up life.

The crow leads her on a merry chase that dead ends at a gothic looking manse of faded design… one that sports a ‘Hiring’ sign in the window. For a woman down on her luck, out of food and recently carless, it’s a dream come true.

Honestly… what’s the worst that could happen?


I cannot get over this book…. at all! I saw it making the rounds on several social media groups, but I refrained from jumping at it – despite my love of the author – as there is only 1 book in an obvious series. I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of starting a great series only to get cut off at the legs by something as complicated as publication. But when it popped up yet again in a recommendation thread… I finally caved and checked it out via my Kindle Unlimited service.

Holy shit on toast…. Zoe Parker knows how to twist a tale! Not only does this book feature a FMC in her late 30’s (how bloody awesome is that?!) it’s hysterical!  Line after line is slap happy humorous, or bleeding with dry wit and silent sarcasm. When the supernatural slips through the pages, that humor only gets stronger, seeping into the narrative like an old, and familiar friend.

Mel is amazing with a quiet strength that comes more from acceptance and compassion than physical toughness. What she sees, what she does – it ALL matters, and in the Unsylum, it really is ALL about her.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type:

Episodic with Serial Hook


  • Very, very funny. The dry wit kind, almost British.
  • Vale: read it, then tell me he’s not amazing
  • Mel: She can take a mental warp and keep right on trucking. I’d have a break down.
  • The random descriptions, they are vibrant and vital.
  • Flows incredibly well.
  • Book 2 should be out soon.


  • Sigh… book 2 isn’t out yet, lol
  • I almost expected this to be darker? Not a con, really, just curious – read ‘The Facets of Feyrie’ series.

Favorite Lines:

“I have issues with impulse control, it’s why I’m banned from the Home Shopping Network.” (Mel – 2%)

He watches my Mom when she’s outside puttering around the yard, but not in that call-the-police way, but more in the I-wanna-touch-your-butt way. (Mel, thinking about her neighbor – 9%)

With a deep breath for bravery—something that my stupidity likes to hide behind… (Mel – 90%)


5 out of 5 Stars

I recommend this book whole heartedly and without reservations – perfect for fans of Paranormal Romances, Dark Urban Fantasy and Zoe Parker.

Published November 28th, 2018

188 Pages

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