Through the Woods by Shannon Myers – A Book Review

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Through the Woods By Shannon Myers - A Book Review #BookReview #FairyTaleRetelling #MCRomance #Dark #MC #StandAlone

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Through the Woods (Fairest Series – Book 1)

by Shannon Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Contemporary, MC, Dark Romance

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

This is a worthwhile, modern retelling of Snow White with dark elements. A Good Read.

What is it about? (Blurb pulled from Goodreads)

“Forced to run from her drug-dealing boyfriend, Neve ends up injured and alone in the middle of the Colorado wilderness. She never planned on being rescued by seven bikers and brought to their clubhouse. While the other bikers welcome a female presence, their leader, Charm, is not impressed. As Neve recuperates, she begins to see that there’s much more to this club president than she thought possible. However, while she might’ve run, she can’t stay hidden forever.”


I really enjoyed this book. The MC (Motorcycle Club) elements transformed a classic fairy tale into a modern retelling that captures the imagination and eventually, the heart. Neve is a drug addict on the run from her ex, landing injured and alone in the forest where she is found by a rag-tag mix of bikers who take her home and patch her up.

As she recovers, and detoxes, the story begins to unfold around all the characters, showcasing the struggles and triumphs of this unlikely group. Each man in the clubhouse plays a very important role in Neve’s life and her growth, especially the Club President, Charm. HE is something else, and his history is far more complex than a first glance could show. As they learn about each other, I couldn’t help but fall a little for the gruff biker, or feel a startling amount of empathy for Neve. She’s stronger than she looks – and Shannon Myers does a fine job of brining her to life on the page.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type

HEA (series will continue with other characters)


  • Well written.
  • Well edited.
  • Very nice job of describing and explaining the throes of addiction, and the emotional trauma of recovery.
  • Fine play on a classic tale.
  • Even trapped by the page, the author is able to bring the characters to life.
  • Emotional, as well as personal, growth of the MC’s.


  • Some of Neve’s decisions and choices made me cringe.


4 out of 5 Stars

A very good book that I would suggest to most fans of fairy tales, MC stories or darker romances.

Published February 1st, 2018

338 pages


Please note, there are darker elements including: violence and drug use in this novel. 

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