Three Mages and a Margarita by Annette Marie – A Book Review

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Three Mages and a Margarita

The Guild Codex: Spellbound Book 1

by Annette Marie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Slow Burn, Urban Fantasy

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited 

Down and Dirty

Fun, sassy and ass kicking – a Great start to a new Urban Fantasy Series.

What is it about?

Tori has a bit of trouble holding down a job. It’s not really her fault… the customers are jerks, the pay is poor and slamming a rude patron with a tray just makes more sense than trying to hold her temper! Again. And again. Ok, so maybe she has a bit of a temper problem.

When yet another boss throws her out after a very understandable bit of assault, Tori is left floundering, wondering how she is going to make the rent this month. There is no restaurant left in downtown that will hire her! But maybe this help wanted ad that literally just flew in her face could help?

Taking a chance, Tori answers the ad and stumbles into a world where she doesn’t belong, one filled with magic, danger and mages galore. It’s the worst place for a human to find herself, and it’s the only place Tori has ever wanted to stay.



Tori is 100% human…. and perfect for her new bartending job. She has the temper to stand up to the powerful and the gumption to not care that she is too weak to hang, or at least pretend she doesn’t care. It’s a unique take and refreshingly original.

I wonder how if our FMC is going to turn into an amazing, secret badass as the series progresses? Part of me hopes so, but another hopes not – as a human surrounded by mythics is bloody perfect!

The writing is somewhat reminiscent of Kim Harrison, at least in the way it flows and made me feel. A solid start.


First Person, single POV

Ending Type

HFN, Episodic


  • Slow burn on the romance. It would make a great RH, but the author notes that this is not in the cards.
  • Inventive world building.
  • Well edited.
  • Well written.
  • Good plot progression.
  • That cover! I love covers that make sense and suit the story well. Per book info, cover design attributed to (though as of this writing, that address does not connect to a live site).


  • Some scenes were confusing.


Favorite Lines

Keeping a job involves a few simple rules: Arrive on time. Work hard. And don’t assault customers. (2% – Very First Line of the Book!)
“Don’t Stick It in Crazy Gingers.” (3%)


4 out of 5 Stars

A Great Urban Fantasy that will entertain for hours! I recommend it!

Published September 18th, 2018

265 Pages

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