The Orphan: Oberon Academy Book 1 by Wendi L. Wilson – A Book Review

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The Orphan: The Oberon Academy - Book 1 by Wendi L. Wilson - A Book Review #BookReview #Academy #PNR #Fae #NewRelease #YA

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The Orphan

(Oberon Academy – Book One)

by Wendi L. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YA Academy PNR

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Interesting start to a new Academy PNR, free on KU.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Sometimes the ones who save us are the ones we need to fear the most.

In a world where dark faeries have stepped in to save the planet from humanity’s mistakes, seventeen-year-old December Thorne is nothing but a shadow. Shunned by her peers, bullied at school, and paid a little too much attention by her sleazy foster father, she lives in constant fear and perpetual solitude.

Until the day everything changes.

Offered a scholarship to the prestigious Oberon Academy, December finds herself living in a whole new world. Boundless food, clean clothes, a safe place to sleep, and the potential for true friendship make her new life seem almost too good to be true—but the school has a secret.

The truth is, Oberon Academy isn’t just a prep school for society’s elite. It’s a training ground for a secret race of magical beings no one knows exists. And they’re preparing for war.

Filled with fear and denial, December has a choice to make. She can either return to her pathetic life with her dangerous foster parents, try to survive on her own, or make Oberon Academy her home and discover the truth about who, and what she really is.

And that truth could save the world.

Thoughts on The Orphan

Climate change matters people

This book was decent, but it did throw a lot into it…. first book curse? Info needs to be given, and while it did avoid the dreaded full on info dump, the groundwork laid felt a touch thick. Still worth reading though, especially if you like Academy PNR’s.


First Person, Single POV (except one scene)

Ending Type



PG-17 / YA (M/F)


  • Climate change…. it matters.
  • World building is chilling, and fascinating.
  • Makes you wonder.
  • FMC is pretty cool.


  • Smidge Predictable…. looking at you Puck.


4 out of 5 Stars

This series could be amazing, with a bit of work in Book 2. Pick it up – it’s Free on KU.

Published May 21st, 2019

252 Pages

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