The Cursed Hollow by Candace Wondrak – A Book Review

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The Cursed Hollow

(Return to Sleep Hollow, Part One)

by Candace Wondrak
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Medium Burn / Slow Build Urban Fantasy RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Action packed and haunted with both heat and delight, this Slow Build RH is the perfect, modern retelling of the American legend of Sleepy Hollow. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

In a town where spirits dwell, one will rise. Headless Horseman? Meet the Twenty-First Century.

My name is Kat Aleson. My dad named me after Katrina – if you’ve heard the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, you know the one. I didn’t know my dad well, because after he and my mom divorced, I only spent my summers in Sleepy Hollow. But when I get news that my dad is dead, I have to go back.

Sleepy Hollow hasn’t changed. Its people still believe in the legends, and especially the one about crossing that particular bridge. My childhood friend, Bones, is all grown up. The town hero, all muscles and dimples. My childhood crush that I thought was gone? Not so gone after all. And let’s not even talk about Crane, the strange, rich eccentric who was working with my dad until he died.

I’m drawn to them both, almost like fate wants a replay of the legend. Kat torn between her childhood friend and the new man in her life. The only problem is that there’s another part of the equation, and he’s the most dangerous of them all.

The spirits want me, and soon I learn they’ll do anything to have me. I’m the key to this whole thing. Sleepy Hollow will never be the same.

Note from the Author

The Cursed Hollow is the first part of a RH/why choose duology, drawing inspiration from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Thoughts on The Cursed Hollow

Of all the remakes and retellings out there today, THIS is the one I didn’t know I needed. Sleepy Hallow. The headless horseman. The angst of a love triangle gone wrong. Legends, myth, magic – it’s wonderful and refreshingly redone. AND considering the author, that pesky love triangle…. isn’t.

Favorite Lines

Once you had a huge crush on someone, you never went back, apparently. (16%)
There was no cool with me. It was just different levels of awkwardness, apparently. (25%)


  • Sleepy Hallow. Come on! It’s Americana at its finest.
  • Nicely thought out.
  • Intriguing.
  • I actually liked Crane here, but I always did. AND the horseman.


  • Felt a bit short.


First Person, multiple POV

Ending Type




Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range



4.5 out of 5 Stars

Romance and mystery interweave throughout the legend most of us know, bringing the old myth into a modern light, with characters that captivate and magic that compels. It’s well done and Free on KU.

Published September 1st, 2019
192 Pages

Please note, The Cursed Hollow is part of a slow build Reverse Harem duology, which features alternative romantic dynamics more suited to an older audience. #WhyChoose

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