Sworn to the Shadow God by Ruby Dixon – A Book Review

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Sworn to the Shadow God

by Ruby Dixon
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Fantasy Romance, HEA
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

Complex, woven and oddly romantic, this is a Fantasy tale that surprises as much as it captures. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)


It’s what my boring life is missing, so when I fall through a portal into another world, I’m excited. Here, I’m important. Here, I’m special.

I find out just *how* special when I meet Death.

Yup. That guy. He’s been exiled to the mortal realm to work through his flaws, and he’s just as spoiled and awful as you’d think. Rhagos, the Shadow Lord, is arrogant and rude and controlling and demands to get his way. He’s selfish. He’s impossible.

He’s also utterly gorgeous. Magnetic. Lonely. And strangely protective of me.

Thanks to a magic bond, I now serve him as his anchor to the mortal realm. It means that I’m his conscience, his guide…and the target for any assassin or glory-seeker. After a few days of this, I’d rather go home than continue on this ‘adventure’. I need a way back to Earth, and fast.

As the world falls down around us and we’re hunted simply for existing, I find myself wondering what it’d be like to serve the lonely god of death…in all ways. To kiss him. To touch him. To bed him.

Except…I’m supposed to be finding a way home, not trying to kiss Rhagos. No matter how tempting he is. No matter how much he stares at my lips.

No matter how much I want it.

Thoughts on Sworn to the Shadow God

4.5 rounded up

This is the second in this series but featuring completely different characters, though it kinda, sorta, almost takes place at the same time as book 1 – it’s complicated, but wonderfully done.

Looking at this title and the cover, you think you might be in for a snarky, guilty kind of pleasure book – but it’s far from that. It is actually a well thought out and plotted fantasy novel that broaches gods, myths, retribution, discovery and potential. There’s plenty of heat for the romance lovers and action for the fans, all culminating in a story that is a true treat to read.


  • Well written.
  • Well edited.
  • Book 1 sets the stage, but it is not 100% necessary to read that first. (It is Faith’s story and equally well done)
  • Love The characters.
  • She’s a gamer girl and nerd!!
  • Character development.
  • LONG!
  • Kassam is next!
  • Read the authors note at the back.


  • Some parts felt a bit TOO long.
  • Max seems a bit dense at times, but she’s really not, she just doesn’t understand this world.


First person, single POV with very limited third person, Multiple POV



Ending Type


Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Sworn to the Shadow God

A well done fantasy romance with enough action to keep the pages turning and hot enough to scorch… and, there are Dragons, of course. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published February 14th, 2020
645 Pages

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