Slivered By Kandi Vale – A Book Review

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Slivered by Kandi Vale - A Book Review #UrbanFantasy #DarkRomance #Demons #Angels #Trilogy #Worthreading

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(Silvered Souls Trilogy – Book 1)

by Kandi Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paranormal Romance
Available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

I originally published this in January of 2019 – this is a repost to bring attention back to this amazing book!

Down and Dirty

READ IT! (But fair warning, BDSM ahead)

What is it about?

Kisa is lost… spiraling in a sorrow so intense and soul deep it leaves her vacant, a void unable to be filled with anything except the most exquisite pain. In a desperate bid to feel anything she gives into temptation, venturing to a local BDSM club after a halfhearted online chat actually arouses her curiosity. There, she meets Dolor, a Beast of a man with smoldering eyes and secrets only the Gods could whisper of.

Dolor has prowled the realms since the beginning of time, tasting the call of pain as his maker bade him. Rebellion and self awareness sent him tumbling from those hallowed, heavenly halls long ago, yet the drive to feed and feast remains. His darkness is enteral and his drive unwavering… yet when his hunger touches the sweet pain inside Kisa, he feels his very essence quake. There is something about her that draws him, pulls at both the Beast and the Man, taunting him with visions of the past and a future that can never be. As the truth of Kisa’s fate unravels around them, both are tumbled into a mire of deception, intrigue and apocalyptic prophecy.

She is the one woman in all the realms he should never touch… yet he is the only man who may ever make her feel again.

Thoughts on Slivered

I have soooo many thoughts about this novel, and so many feelings! Ugh, the feelings… this is not the kind of book you read while distracted at work or waiting to pick up the kids.

This is an emotionally painful and thrilling ride. I literally cried at one point and lost myself in the narrative throughout. Kandi Vale has a way of describing emotion that allows it to seep into you, permeating your very pores as you have no choice but to succumb to the upheaval the characters are experiencing.

Fair warning, this is a BDSM heavy novel. The real kind, and sexually intense, even if there is no true intercourse in Book 1. There is no 50 shades of shit here. Instead, this is an exploration of a world few know and even fewer understand. It’s about humanity, and about the soul of a woman so lost and so broken she’s certain she will never feel again. If despair had a sound, it would be her silence.


Third Person, Multiple POV


  • The writing! Eloquent and well thought out, it flows from scene to scene easily, no matter what the characters are doing.
  • Kisa: You will love her. There is no other option.
  • Good representation of BDSM.
  • Boundaries! They are expressed, and maintained – even when it is hard.
  • World building: There is so much to go on about here. The Beast that eats pain, the fact that Lucifer is a woman (still not sure if she is a bad guy or not), the concept of various realms, Angels, Slivers… etc, etc, etc…
  • Detail! The author either wrote what she knows, or does amazing research; from BDSM to Roller Derby – and even a small notation about ‘Sundowners’ in Chapter 1. That caught my attention as I worked in a long term care facility when I was younger and became well acquainted with the residents who fell into deeper dementia or rowdiness around evening time… aka, Sundowners. Those small, yet meaningful details are scattered throughout.


  • If the idea of BDSM bothers you, or you are the kind who cannot give up control – this is not the series for you.
  • Other than that… I’ve got nothing. I enjoyed this book immensely.

Favorite Line:

She was the most beautifully broken creature he had ever seen. (pg 48. 27%)

My Final Verdict on Slivered

5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Honestly, I am not sure I am mentally nor emotionally equipped to read this twice, but you should read it at least once. Seriously… READ IT!

The second book, Convalescent, is out now and the third book is rumored to be coming out sometime in late January, 2019.


Published: August 1st, 2018
192 pages


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