Shadows and Shade Prequel by Amanda Cashure – A Book Review

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Shadows and Shade Prequel

The night before the shit-storm begins

by Amanda Cashure
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Prequel, short story, Slow Burn Fantasy RH
Available on Kindle – Perma Free 

Down & Dirty

If you’ve read the published books in the Shadow and Shade series, then this is a MUST for any fan. Permanently free on Kindle.

What is it about?

This is the night before it all began… before the Seeds darkened Shades door, before they basically kidnap her, and before anyone knows anything about who… or what… she is.

Thoughts on Shadows and Shade Prequel

Short and sweet

Full disclosure, the actual ‘new’ part of this tale is shorter than the teaser for book 1 included at the back – but it’s worth it. If you’ve read book 1 of shadows and shade, this will strike a giggle and showcase a few of the random thoughts Shade has in the beginning of that book – and the set up.

It also explores her character just a little bit more, not much, but a little. It’s a great addition for fans, and considering the $0 price… what’s not to love?


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type:

Cliffhanger.. sorta?


This prequel… PG.

Romantic Dynamic:

This prequel.. none. The series? MMMMF

Character Age Range:


My Final Verdict on Shadow and Shade Prequel

Shades mind words in interesting ways… and this is just a small peek into the workings of said mind. It’s short, sweet – and perfect for fans of the series.

Shadows and Shade Prequel

Published June 15th, 2020
42 Pages

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