Saved by Blood by Sadie Moss – A Book Review

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Saved by Magic by Sadie Moss - A Book Review #PNR #MediumBurn #WhyChoose #RH #ReverseHarem #Paranormal

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Saved by Blood (The Vapmpires’ Fae – Book 1)

by Sadie Moss
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

medium burn, paranormal rh

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

A decent read with a unique concept.

What is it about?

Nine years of a boring marriage with its inevitable, and equally boring, end, has left 27 year old Willow Tate desperate to reinvent herself and rediscover the dreams she cast aside long ago. Those dreams may not include working as a cocktail waitress in New York City, but it paid the bills while she worked towards her real goal.. owning and operating a bakery. Things are looking up, until a seemingly random and shadowy attack leaves Willow lying bent and broken on the cold city streets, moments from death and far too away for human help.

A trio of Vampires had been hunting the monster when it viciously attacked Willow. With no other choice, they step in and use their combined powers to bring her back from the cusp of death, binding them all together and changing their fates forever.


While I didn’t like this novel quite as much as some of her other books, I still found myself falling into the story and cheering for the characters they moved along. 

Willow is a fantastic MC – she actually has normal baggage to bring to the table, the kind the rest of us will find all too familiar… a mundane marriage and a mundane life. She’s unsatisfied and its sooo relatable its almost painful. Yet, as with all Paranormal stories, reality is thrust aside and we find ourselves face to face with ancient Vampires, deadly shades and powers that border on fantastical. And that’s perfect – because that’s why we read PNR’s.. isn’t it? I mean, that’s why I do. Books are my escape from that reality, and Sadie Moss offers a pleasant one with this novel.


First person, multiple POV


  • Vampire lore: I love it when authors mix things up and make it their own.
  • Drastic departure from normal Vampire formula (what they do after she is turned -you’ll get it when you read it).
  • Dialogue: they think and talk naturally, something too many authors miss in their narrative.
  • Over all plot: it’s interesting and looks like it might get better.
  • 27yo divorced FMC, you just don’t see that in RH! Love it


  • Malcom annoyed me, even as I understood him
  • Quick to trust the bond; though technically a medium burn, this RH has all the hallmarks of a group that succumbs to the magic quickly.
  • Too short, ended just as it was getting somewhere.

Favorite Line:

 …he smelled like sour milk and disappointment. (3%)


3.5 out of 5 Stars

I definitely found this story diverting. Like I said above, it is not the best Sadie Moss has to offer, but it is still worth reading. It is entertaining and a solid start to a new series.

Published: December 6th, 2018

238 pages

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