Rogue Academy by Savannah Rose and Amelia Gates – A Book Review

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Rogue Academy

by Savannah Rose & Amelia Gates
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Paranormal Academy Romance

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Great concept, poor execution despite a wonderful premise and unique view to the Academy genre.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Street rat. Scoundrel. Thief. MURDERER. 
Those are all names I’ve been called.
Names that were fitting at one time or another.
But you don’t throw a vampire into a foster home and expect her to come out a model citizen, do you?
And you sure as hell don’t feed her Mac and Cheese with a side of lashings and expect her to roll over and play dead. Even more, you don’t offer her up to men twice her age and permit them to hang their soggy bits at the base of her chin without expecting her to bite it the heck off. Despite the murderous bone in my body, I didn’t wreak havoc on my foster home – at least not the kind that leads to death.
Instead, I did what any girl as hard-headed and short-sighted as I am would do.

Rogue Academy is a Paranormal Academy Romance, fit for readers who like, vampires, shifters, fierce, strong, female leads and the need to not have to choose between one hottie or the other. Sometimes, both quality and quantity matter.

Thoughts on Rogue Academy


I really hate to rate a book lower than a 3… I really, really do. Authors work incredibly hard for their trade, and though not every book is everyone’s cup of tea – EVERY book WILL find a fan in someone, somewhere.

I wanted to be that fan for this book, especially after reading that blurb and scoping the beautiful cover. Sadly, even with an intriguing plot, there are far too many marks missed in this manuscript to offer high praise.

It DOES have some good points though!


  • Different sort of academy novel, told from the founder’s view instead of a student.
  • Reese…. once you get his deal, he becomes far more interesting.
  • Xander… not sure if he’s going to cause problems, but the introduction is epic.

And some bad ones too…. 


  • Zero world building. None.
  • Zero Character development….even with Mar, it’s blasé and scattered.
  • Feels like this should be a book 2 or even 3. We don’t know this world or characters, yet the narrative is treated like we do – and that we should care about them. Why? I don’t even know who they are.
  • Seriously…. did I miss a book?
  • Editing. Needs lots and lots of editing. Misspellings. Missed words, misused words…
  • I’m not invested. There is such promise here, but unless there is a severe spit shine and polish, there’s no drive to read book 2.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type





I really wanted to like this…. but I couldn’t. It may suit others well though. Free on KU.

Published May8th, 2019

172 Pages

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