Resurrection by Tanith Frost – A Book Review

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Resurrection (Immortal Soulless - Book 1) by Tanith Frost - A Book Review #BookReview #UrbanFantasy #UF #CompleteSeries #Book1 #Vampires

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(Immortal Soulless – Book 1)

by Tanith Frost
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Urban Fantasy
Available on Kindle and in Paperback

Down and Dirty

Decent, though somewhat basic, Vampire Story. The writing style is rather captivating though.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Her gifts will be her salvation… or her downfall.

No one gave Aviva a choice about becoming a monster. Since the night of her murder she’s been forced to accept a new reality—burned by sunlight, dependent on the blood of the living, searching for her place in a dark world she didn’t believe existed until she awoke as a vampire.

She’s still struggling to accept her fate and master her dark powers when the news arrives: rogue vampires are torturing and killing human residents of the city, threatening the secrecy and uneasy peace of the supernatural world.

As the hunt begins, Aviva’s deliciously distracting trainer, Daniel, helps her seek out her unique strengths. The gifts she discovers are shameful in the eyes of vampire society—and they may be the only thing standing between a pack of ruthless paranormal killers and the unsuspecting humans they prey on.

Thoughts on Resurrection

This was an intriguing book – though not because of the plot. That was rather mundane and seems to serve more as an introduction to these characters and this world. No, it was intriguing because of the writing, or rather, the writing style. First person always offers a bit more internal conversation and revelation of the main character, but this one seemed to take it a step beyond and really dig deep into the inner workings of Aviva. Almost melodic in tone, it seems to suit a memoir more than an Urban Fantasy, and though there was action to be had, it still felt slow and unhurried. It was strange but not off putting. Unique to this genre.


  • Style of writing is almost soothing? And invitation to understand.
  • New world.


  • Very plodding.
  • Plot is average.
  • Physical connection seemed to come out of nowhere.
  • So… what ARE the rules then?


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type




Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range

22+ (they are vampires…..)


3.5 out of 5 Stars

While I enjoyed this book for the most part, I will not be continuing the series. If it was on Kindle Unlimited, I might have a different opinion – and that is just MY opinion. This type of book and writing will suit quite a few and should be checked out if Vampires are your groove. It’s soothing in a strange way, foreign but pleasant. If you like existential crisis writing and the big questions wrapped in the paranormal, then this book is perfect.

Published June 21st, 2017
284 Pages

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