Reaper Unexpected by Debbie Cassidy – A Book Review

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Reaper Unexpected

(Deadside Reapers – Book 1)

by Debbie Cassidy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Urban Fantasy, Slow Burn RH, ARC
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

The dead are the name of the game in this exciting new paranormal adventure by none other than Debbie Cassidy. A woven plot and intricate characters pull the reader in and make this required reading. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Your dead are our business.

Got a loved one who’s passed? Want to ask your dead aunt where she hid that elusive will? Head over to Necro city and look no further than Soul Savers Inc.

One day the world was normal, and the next, it was filled with ghosts. And then the reapers came. Blood-sucking hot dudes with wings and wicked scythes.  They took control, and now we have a system.

Now we have Necro city, the hub of all things untethered.

As a soul relocation agent, it’s my job to rehouse the dead until the reapers come to collect, but with so few of those dudes about, the wait isn’t pretty. Thank goodness for decent coffee, frosted donuts, and a pending promotion.

Things are looking good until they’re not.

One bar fight and a dead reaper later, I’m left holding the scythe.

Not just any scythe, but a scythe belonging to one of Lilith’s four favored sons—the most powerful reapers in the world.

For some reason, it’s chosen me.

Now, three very large, very pissed off reapers are on my case.

It looks like that promotion is going to have to wait.


A kickass Urban fantasy with a why choose romance. Vampires, ghosts, angels, and demons. Perfect for readers who enjoy forbidden romance, enemies to lovers, or friends to lovers.

Thoughts on Reaper Unexpected

Oh this book tickled and entranced me! The dead are no longer hidden, now they are fully visible to humans – and they are BIG business! Entire corporations have cropped up in order to deal with the influx, even though what happens after processing is still a mystery to most.

The world building is decidedly delicious, invoking a Dystopian feel while firmly clinging to the Urban Fantasy vibe. There is a ghost roommate, a snake with talents I won’t spoil, and a trio of confusing – and VERY different – Reapers, two of which want almost nothing to do with the newest Reaper that has fallen into their mix. Add in the murderous cult intent on destruction, a powerful blade that can actually kill a Reaper and you have a volatile situation, one that breeds drama and stirs the cauldron of narration, lending this plot all the mystic of fast moving fantasy with the sexual tension of a forbidden romance.

Frankly, it’s great, and reads a bit smoother than the last two series’s produced by this talented author, though I enjoyed those as well. This one just flows a bit easier. Maybe its the character mix or a FMC that flat out knows she doesn’t know anything…. whatever the reason, this is a 5 star read I can’t wait to follow.

*I received this as an ARC and I am thrilled to share my honest opinion!*


  • Fantastic world building!!! The idea of the dead walking around us, and that we can ALL see them? And making it a business? Awesome.
  • The Reapers…. all of them are so different and wonderfully depicted. I don’t have a favorite, but I want to smack at least two of them.
  • Fee is beautifully flawed, and she likes it that way.
  • Ok… the snake thing will make sense, at the end.


  • Lucas. Just… Lucas.
  • That cliffhanger!! Dang it, LOL!


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type




Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Reaper Unexpected

The Dead come alive (sorta?) in this detailed Urban Fantasy, introducing the reader to a whole new world of danger, excitement, myths and heat. It flows quickly at times, while allowing other pages to cool – but always seems to keep the plot moving forward. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published March 26th, 2020
215 Pages

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