Protector by Serena Nova – A Book Review

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(The Full Blood Series – Book 1)

by Serena Nova
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Medium Burn, Fantasy RH

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

While far from my favorite RH of the year, most reviews are strong, and since it’s on KU – why not give it a shot? You may love it.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

I have a Secret and I’m going to tell you.
I’m the last Full-blood Witch.
I’m the last Savill Royal.
I’m the heir to a throne four King’s rule the world from.
I told my secret twice now, to you and my best friend Astra.
Now it is time to keep that secret again.
Because if they knew I was still alive, it would mean losing my freedom.
Maybe even my life.
Only for me to end up in the wrong place.
Their place.

Protector is the first of a series, it is a reverse harem, this will mean there will be M/M scenes and long and steamy sex scenes. Read it at your own risk!


I liked this book. It’s a great concept and the notions behind the world in which they live got my imagination roaring. That said, I was still a bit disappointed in the execution of said amazing plot. It suffered from more “tell” than “show”, bogging down the narrative with long winded explanations that would have been better served spread out or eliminated in favor of dialogue or action.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type


Steam level

Medium Burn: MMMMF(M?) R rated for most of the book, reaches X rated towards end, but not burn your sheets level. Decent.


  • Intriguing world building.
  • The idea behind the tale is fantastic.
  • Some parts flow very well.
  • The twist at the end is quite enjoyable and will mix up the way book 2 progresses.
  • Honest female friendships, rare in RH.


  • Tell vs. show.
  • FMC comes off as cocky, impulsive and demeaning, rather than strong and self assured.
  • The Kings Lack individuality.
  • A bit confused on world building: obviously different world or dimension, more fantasy, yet there is a mention of a TV and reference to Men In Black? No background.


It’s an alright book and an interesting premise. Free on KU, pick it up.

Published March 20th, 2019

342 Pages

Please note that this is a Reverse Harem Series that will feature sexual scenes and themes more suited to an older audience. 18+

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