Noir Reformatory by Foss & Thorn – A Book Review

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Noir Reformatory (Paranormal Prison) by Leixi C. Foss & Jennifer Thorn - A Book Review #BookReview #PNR #Menage #FastBurn #4Stars #KindleUnlimited #KU

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Noir Reformatory

(Paranormal Prison)

by Lexi C. Foss & Jennifer Thorn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

PNR, Fast Burn Menage
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

The Paranormal Prison Saga is growing by leaps and bounds – this time featuring a section of the infamous prison we haven’t seen yet, Noir Reformatory. Fast, brutal, bloody and sexy, this book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Happy Birthday, Raven. Welcome to Noir Reformatory.

Not what every girl wants to hear on her 18th birthday, but I accepted my fate long ago. Once my wings turned black, I knew I’d be stuck behind bars.

A Noir Angel for life.
That’s fine.
I’ll own this prison just like I did back home.
Even if it’s ruled by two hot kings.

This reformatory isn’t all-girls; it’s co-ed. Which means I’m outnumbered ten-to-one by brutes with more brawn than brain. Not a problem. I thrive on aggression and this place is riddled with it. A nightmare wrapped up in an ebony cloak.

Well, bring it on, boys.
Just try and claim me.


This MMF romance novel is part of the Paranormal Prison collection and the start of a brand new “Why Choose” series by USA Today Bestselling Authors Lexi C. Foss & J.R. Thorn (writing as Jennifer Thorn).

Thoughts on Noir Reformatory

If you have been following the ever growing Universe of the Paranormal Prison, then you already know that they are penned by different authors – offering up many styles and nuances to characters and scenes. First thought? The Warden. Every time he has appeared throughout the saga, he is just a little different, though his overall persona is the same.

The writing style of this particular installment doesn’t flow quite as well as a few of the others, but it is still entrancing and offers up a new look at the dangerous world. Instead of the heart and soul of the Prison, or even solitary confinement (which we saw in Delinquent Demons). This time, we are on the outskirts, in a place most believe is separate, Noir Reformatory. This cage is meant to ‘reform’ black winged angles, or those that have sinned.  It…. doesn’t go so well.

Fast paced with interesting characters, this book drives home the point of consent, even in the face of hell – along with the rapture choice can bring. It’s deadly, a bit fun, and helps paint the picture of this nefarious place.


  • Captivating characters.
  • The idea of Nora’s and Noir’s… I like it.
  • We see the Warden again, but briefly. He gets more and more obscure, yet strangely clear, as the books go on.
  • Novak, he appeared in Delinquent Demons.
  • Good menage.


  • Writing is not always smooth.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type

Pseudo Cliffhanger (this groupings story is done, but the tale goes on)


Mature… SOOO mature!

Romantic Dynamic



M/M present, plus threesome.

Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Noir Reformatory

Nestling into the Paranormal Prison Universe, this book allows a small glimpse into another side…and advance the meta-plot that spans the series. Hot, sexy and deadly – this is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published March 16th, 2020
244 Pages

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