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New year, new site. Books and Blurbs - a website for Book reviews and Professional Blurb Creation

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This is the standard, ‘Hello World!’ post…. so, Hello! This site is a new project for me, one where I take my passion for the written word, along with my established side business as a Blurb Author and throw them together in the wonderful blender of the Internet.

For a few years, I have been working on a Micro-Gig site, crafting blurbs for Indi Authors and Self-Published creators. As that business has grown, so, too, has my desire to branch out and establish a name for myself outside the umbrella of the Micro-Gig Economy. 

In order to make this fledgling dream a reality, I have created this site, ‘Books and Blurbs’. Here, I will publish reviews for the books I read daily, as well as a portfolio of my previous work in blurb creation. As any good author knows, the Blurb is second only to the cover in terms of initial sales – it is these words that entice and compel a browser into a reader, and eventually, into a fan. Far more than a simple summary of your work, the blurb is an invitation to a new world – a world YOU have created. 

Please check back often, as this site is currently under construction. I will be posting reviews often, as well as sections where you may contact me for ARC’s, Beta Reading, Blurb Creation as well as requests for reviews on your published works. Please note, that while I work in every genre, I gravitate towards Paranormal Romance, including those of the Reverse Harem Variety. 

Thank you for visiting!
​Heather Gilbert


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