Motherf*cker by MJ Marstens – A Book Review

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by M.J. Marstens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Contemporary, Taboo, Fast Burn RH, HEA
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

The tag line says it all, “She’s Blasphemy, in Disguise.” Fast, laugh out loud funny and just wrong enough to be titilating, this stand alone RH is a must for your TBR queue. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Forgive me, Lord, I’m about to sin.

They call me mother.

I’m the abbess at The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Though, in truth, I’m not even a nun.

I’m a blasphemy in disguise, hiding from the MC club that wants me dead.

But here at the convent, I find my place.

I give the other sisters purpose, and they give me something that I’ve always yearned for:

A home.

A place of total acceptance.

I have finally found my calling.

Everything in my world is as it should be until they show up.

Four sinfully, mouthwatering men preparing to take their final vows.

They’ve come to visit their old mentor, the retired priest who says mass at the convent.

The four call themselves ‘The Gospel Brothers’: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

They’re gorgeous.

And forbidden.

They could tempt a saint.

And I’m anything but one.

Note from the Author of Motherf*cker

Warning: This full-length, reverse harem standalone contains material only suitable for readers 18+.  There is strong language and content.  Some might find this material offensive.  The FMC does speak of being molested as a teen, but only references it (no detailed account) and religion/religious topics really only play a part in the backdrop of the story.

Thoughts on Motherf*cker

Holy crap on toast – this is Funny!

This is hilarious, fast and freaking hot!!! I laughed until I cried, and found a subversive kind of joy in the blasphemous narrative. Honestly? It’s the kind of twisted sister plot you can’t help but enjoy.

Favorite Lines

Why can’t I own and operate a midget brothel?! (3%)
I adhere that life just wants you to be a good person. A kind person. A, how you say, not a petty cuntcushion. (3%)
My vag needs the Holy Spirit in her life. (26%)


  • Funny!!
  • Witty and irreverent.
  • FMC is fantastic!
  • This isn’t Plot heavy, it’s the dirty little secret you love reading.


  • Guys are not Well developed.
  • Ahhh…. Fate. So trite. So tropey. Still good.


First Person, limited Multiple POV

Ending Type



NC-17 to XXX…. the is an 18+ ONLY book. Take note.

Romantic Dynamic

MMMMF (M/M scenes included, and they are delicious.)


Well…. yes. Obviously.

Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on MotherF*ckers

This isn’t the kind of book you read when you are seeking a plot heavy, well thought out story. No, it’s the complete opposite – and it does its job perfectly. It’s dirty, rough, fast and wonderfully irreverent. With a guaranteed HEA, it’s the laugh out loud novel that will keep you rolling (and blushing) long into the night. Free on KU!

Published November 28th, 2019
255 Pages

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