Medusa’s Destiny by Lacey Carter Andersen – A Book Review

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Medusa’s Destiny (Monsters and Gargoyles – Book 1)

by Lacey Carter Andersen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fast Burn Paranormal RH, Stand alone within series

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Down and Dirty

Interesting tale, it’s on KU and worth picking up.

What is it about?

Medusa is a 2000 year old monster with a reputation. Some of the fear is deserved, much of it is not – but who can really fight against propaganda? When a quartet of dangerous yet devastatingly attractive gargoyles, monster hunters by blood and creed, descend on her apartment demanding her help, Medusa can’t help a twinge of curiosity. Gargoyles are naturally immune to her powers and they are all so handsome… OK, so maybe they are kidnapping her, and maybe they plan on killing her, but hey, who can blame a girl for being intrigued?


There was something sweet about this tale, along with the underlying message that what you think you know may be wrong. Shades of gray people, shades of gray.

Per its stand alone nature within a larger series, it was fast burn, heating up quickly and slamming the pedal to the floor board with gusto. Unlike some fast burn novels which seem to have sex for sex’s sake, this one actually served up a purpose with it’s intimacy – or at least a solid reason. Part of that is wrapped up in the mythos that the characters are pulled from, while some of it relied solely on the personalities of those same characters. All in all, it was satisfying and far less awkward than the situation called for.

As for the gargoyles, beyond her quartet of men (their characters are not built up much, they kinda blend together), I am withholding judgement until I read the next book in the series. I glean that there is more to them that meets the stone eye, but the Elder’s rubbed me the wrong way and the foreshadowing leads me to believe that danger is afoot – and the monsters will suffer.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type:

HEA – episodic for larger universe expansion.


  • Medusa… 2,000 years old and still dealing with the same crap.
  • The guys… they all kinda blended in the story, but they each still played their role well.
  • That cover! *swoon* (Cover design by Logan Keys)



  • Fast burn that felt it could have benefited from slowing down.
  • More questions… read the next one in the series! But yes, this tale is stand alone, but the world goes on.


4 out of 5 Stars

A decent read and a good stand alone.

Published February 8th, 2019

166 Pages

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem Novel which sexual scenes and themes that are more suited to an older audience. 18+ only. 

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