Magic of the Demon Fae by Ava Mason – A Book Review

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Magic of the Demon Fae

(DemonFae – Book 1)

by Ava Mason
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fantasy, Medium Burn RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

Demons, Fae magic and mystery – it all comes to a head in this politcally complex Fantasy Romance – Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

What would you do if you were forbidden to be with your fated mates?
Break the rules, of course.

The rules
#1. Never talk to a demon
#2. Never tell a demon who you are
#3. Never, ever kiss one, no matter how hot

I’ve lived in hiding my whole life with these dumb rules permanently tattooed onto my brain. It’s because I have both demon and fae blood running through my veins.
That means I’m forbidden to even exist. If discovered, it’s lights out for this half-breed.

However, when three sexy-as-sin demons show up at my door, my first instincts are to jump, err, trust them. Something about the protective way they hover around me makes me want them… in all the right ways.

Then my hormones are completely doused when the demons claim I’m some kind of chosen being. Um… do they know me? The only thing I’ve ever been chosen for was by Netflix. Number one customer and damn proud of it.

Throwing caution to the wind, I decide to do something I’ve never done before: trust my hottie demons.
Even when they take me to Hell, literally the worst place for a demonfae. My life is threatened at every moment.
But the worst danger of all? Protecting my heart from my fated mates, the very men I’m forbidden to be with.


Magic of the Demon Fae is a sexy paranormal romance that features a snarky, kick-ass heroine and her obnoxious, movie quoting, british-pretender cat.
Combined with three brooding, protective demons and one warrior angel love interest that you won’t have to choose between. Will have mm.

Thoughts on Magic of the Demon Fae

This book started on a great note and kept that same tone for most of it, though there were a few moments when it stumbled or tripped over events – or the time frames.

I enjoyed Blayde quite a bit, along with her shifty and tricky, chocolate loving cat, Tuddle (a name which just gets funnier as the narrative progresses!), and the guys are no slouches either. At this point, I don’t really know WHO I like the most between the fated, as they all seem to bring something different to the table…. though Rhys could probably do with a good butt kick.

I had to classify this as a Medium Burn, because while there is no true intercourse in this book…. it gets incredibly steamy in quite a few places. Once this quintet lets themselves fully sink into their mate-hood – well, things are going to be freaking hot.

I did find the pacing of the plot a little off occasionally, it felt like events or time just sped by, or connections were made with little background scaffolding. It didn’t drag things over all, but it was noted.


  • Blayde is pretty awesome.
  • Tuddle! Enough said.
  • Her parents love is charming.
  • Lengthy narrative.


  • Pacing was odd.


First Person, Single POV



Romantic Dynamic

MMMMF (M/M included)

Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Magic of the Demon Fae

New world, new players and new magics abound. Tense, tempting and hotter than the hell they are walking though – this is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published March 24th, 2020
324 Pages

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