Lord of the Underworld by Skyler Andra – A Book Review

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Lord of the Underworld

(Operation Hades – Book 2)

A Paranormal Romance by Skyler Andra
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

The Underworld is still suffering and the Gods are still plotting in this second installment of Skyler Andra’s fast paced adventure. It’s hot, a bit complicated – and Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Hades messed up. It’s his fault the Lady of the Underworld left…again. The guy just can’t keep a good goddess down. But the Lord of the Dead can’t mope about the Underworld while it tears apart. Breaches in the fabric of the afterlife have allowed souls to escape and return to their lives. Something is wrong, and Hades needs Autumn’s help, for her to become the death goddess to figure it out.

After Hades hid who she really was, Autumn no longer wants anything to do with gods, death or the goddess awakening in her. That’s why she hightailed it to Fiji, to grow tropical flowers and eat pineapple and coconuts all day. But when Hades shows up with a bargain, a way to severe the connection between them, to free her of the grief of missing him and longing for what they had together, she agrees. Only Autumn will have to dive into the death goddess side of her, a side of her that has already killed, a side that terrifies her. When life and death collide, there can only be one winner.


Lord of the Underworld is Book 2 in the Operation Hades series, a steamy paranormal romance with a dark, brooding and sexy Greek god, godly avatars, and loads of flower puns.

Thoughts on Lord of the Underworld

Where can I start? While this installment was certainly more clear than Book 1, I still felt like I was racing to catch up to the plot at times. It’s fast, and the action speeds around the characters as surely as it does the reader – but that appears to be part of the charm.

Hades, or his Avatar (I am not really sure how to define that?) is one hell of an appealing Main Male Character, oozing Alpha’ness while still be somewhat approachable… kinda? Honestly, he’s broody as all get out and dark as his namesake implies. But when you understand a bit more about the relationship between him and Persephone, things become just a smidge clearer. Like I said, it’s complicated.

Overall, I enjoyed this, along with the appearance of Locke (Eros) from the Operation Cupid saga. You don’t HAVE to have read that to understand this, but it helps.

*I received an ARC of this book and am thrilled to share my honest opinion*


  • Fast Paced.
  • Cameos from previous characters.
  • Things start making more sense.
  • I love Hades. He’s just so volatile!
  • That cover is gorgeous!
  • Figi!


  • Sometimes TOO fast.
  • Things still feel a touch muddled, plot wise.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type:

Pseudo Cliffhanger (good for now, but there are still things to fix… like the bloody Underworld!)



Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Lord of the Underworld

Old faces and new friends feature strongly in this plot heavy PNR, striking a delicate balance that fits perfectly with the machinations of the Underworld… and a slumbering Goddess. Intense, hot and somewhat explanatory, this book is engaging and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published January 22nd, 2020
194 Pages

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