Lola & The Millionaires : Part One – by Kathryn Moon – A Book Review

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Lola & the Millionaires

(Part One)

by Kathryn Moon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omega-Verse, RH, Stand Alone
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

Kathryn Moon’s ‘SweetVerse’ continues with delightful and emotional addition – Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Lola Barnes only wants one thing, to get her life under control. No more chasing alphas who abuse and toss away betas like her. No more hiding in her cousin’s apartment licking wounds that won’t heal. Armed with her dream job and her less than dreamy apartment, Lola is ready to start a new chapter of her life without alphas. But that’s easier said than done when one stumbling incident after another leads Lola closer to an alluring pack of captivating men.

These alphas are everything Lola dreamed of, but they already have an omega—a playful male model who won’t stop flirting with her. And Lola is only a beta, one who comes with deep scars and an unshakeable aversion to alphas and their powerful presences. If only she could resist their perfect beta, Leo, whose patience and determination to see her heal breaks down one wall after another.

When the alpha who all but destroyed Lola tries to start a game of cat and mouse that’s all claws, the safest place for Lola may be the one she’s most terrified of, in the arms of an alpha pack.

Thoughts on Lola & The Millionaires : Part One

If you have read Baby & The Late Night Howlers (if not, why????) then you already know Lola, though the full impact of her story was only brushed on in that charming novel. Here, Lola take center stage, entering into the fray with a gut punch of emotion, desire and understandable insecurity.

I am still unsure of much when it comes to the Omega-Verse concept. The way they are written and presented, I want to think that they are shifters. But The forward by Moon here clearly states that this is an alternative universe, just with biologically different humans – NOT SHIFTERS.

It messes with my mind, but here, it doesn’t really seem to matter, as the way the story flows and progresses just draws you in and allows these amazing characters to bloom in the narrative. The instincts and smells that drive them are paramount, but it’s the way those instincts are navigated that makes this story stand out – and prevents it from being just another ‘dirty little secret pleasure’ read.

Lola is a Beta in a world that prizes Alphas and Omegas. Put down most of her life and traumatized in the past year by events her own desires taunted, she is an insecure woman trying to find herself int he aftermath of pain. She’s scared, she’s alone – but she’s determined. And when her path lands her in the way of a unique Alpha Pack while whispers of the past reach out, everything collides and sends them ALL reeling.

This is a delightful read that truly lives up to its series title of ‘SweetVerse’. Highly emotional, raw and honest, it packs a punch that makes you think and cheer along the way. I LOVED that the Omega here is male (can I keep Rake? Please??) and that the main character is a Beta… and she is fantastic! Her journey is painful, but necessary – and I’m here for it. For ALL of it.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type:

Cliffhanger (Duet – book 2 already out!)


R – Adult

Romantic Dynamic:

MMMMMMF (M/M very present)

Character Age Range:

20’s +

My Final Verdict on Lola & The Millionaires : Part One

This book is hands down fantastic! Emotional, steamy, unique and rich – it offers a taste of the OmegaVerse without being stewed in dominance and force. It’s Beta Centered and perfectly sweet, even as it’s hot as hell. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Lola & The Millionaires : Part One

Published June 11th, 2020
366 Pages

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