Last but not Leashed by R.J. Blain – A Book Review

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Last but not Leashed

(A Magical Romantic Comedy – Book #4.75)

by R.J. Blain
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Paranormal Novella
Available on Kindle, Paperback and Audio

Down & Dirty

New characters featured in a familiar, and hysterical, world, where magic is real, pure humans are scarce and the CDC is just trying to keep everyone alive.

What is it about?

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The CDC, which is both a governing and policing body in this strange world, spits out a duo of Lycanthropes determined to do their jobs well – as long as they can navigate the attraction of their pushy natures.

Warning:This novella contains humor, romance, magic, a temporary escape from life, bodies, and puns. No plots were severely harmed during testing but they were put in time out due to hysterics.

Thoughts on Last but not Leashed

Funny – like always

Any book in this series is a hit for me, though I have to ingest them in small doses. It’s rollicking, hilarious and ripe with expansive world building that literally tries to twist the mind.

Like the others, this is fade to black and perfectly “clean” – which, as a devout romance reader, is a touch annoying, but eh? What can you do? They are funny enough and so wit infused, I can’t resist.

Short for the series, this novella is meant to draw two character together and set them up for future adventures – hopefully ones that actually answer the mysteries dropped here.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type

HEA, Episodic



Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Last but not Leashed

Short, but flush with humor, this is the perfect addition to this growing, paranormal world. The characters are slap happy or dry, depending on the role – yet they all combine to create a laugh a minute ride a bit deeper than first impressions allow.

Last but not Leashed

Published June 26th, 2018
118 Pages

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