Knightfall by Ann Denton – A Book review

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Knightfall by Ann Denton - A Book Review #WhyChoose #ReverseHarem #Fantasy #MediumBurn #FastBurn #Magic #Knights

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Knightfall (Tangled Crowns – Book 1)

by Ann Denton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Medium/Fast Burn Fantasy RH

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Down and Dirty

Unique Fantasy RH, worth putting on your TBR list.

What is it about?

In this universe, the gifted are varied and many – yet that magic always comes with a price. For the crown princess of Evaness, that price is too high and far more devastating than anyone can know – it could cost her, and every one she loves, everything.

Bloss ran from the crown, and her future husbands, on the eve of her wedding. Now, fours years and many faces later, she overhears a plot to harm her sister, Avia, a plot that sends her scurrying back to the castle to protect her sister – and face the justifiable anger of her men. It’s a fight her heart breaks to have, but Bloss will do anything to save her, even bow to the demands of the crown… and royal bed.


The premise alone is fascinating and got me to quickly add it to my Queue, yet the actuality of the story kept me reading. In this world, women are scare and treasured – especially royalty. It is common for women to have four or more husbands, and for a Queen – those husbands are her knights. It’s a subtle threading in the narrative, yet it is one that stabilizes the entire novel – and sets up the reasons for the intrigue and mystery to come.

Bloss’s husbands-to-be, her Knights, are a varied bunch with skills carefully chosen to be useful to the crown. Fortunately, loving them is easy – unfortunately, that is also why Bloss should stay far, far away. Yet the danger in the Kingdom, and the danger aimed towards her sister, guarantees that Bloss has to remain close, despite the protests of her fear. They can’t forgive her and she can’t forget her gift – and no one can help her due to the machinations of political intrigue generations deep.


First person, Single POV

Ending Type

Cliffhanger – though much is resolved and you get the HEAFN (Happy Ever After for Now) feel


  • Unique world building
  • Characters: the way they interact and verbally soar is fascinating, though it feels that Quinn’s role is more defined.
  • There is action, yes, but mostly it is wrapped up in political maneuvering that is truly spectacular to try to follow.


  • Some characters need to be more developed.
  • FMC’s choices don’t always make sense, even if you feel you’d do the same.
  • Book 2 isn’t out yet, lol! 😆🥺


4 out of 5 Stars

Put it on your TBR list.

Published: January 7th, 2019

442 Pages

Pleas note, this is a Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel with sexual content and scenes more suite to older audiences. 18+ 

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