Kissed by Moonlight by Cate Corvin – A Book Review

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Kissed by Moonlight

(The Cimmerian Cage – Book 2)

by Cate Corvin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Med/Fast Burn Academy, PNR RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Book 2 ramps up the excitement and the mystery that is the Cimmerian Cage. Things are getting heavy, and since this PNR Academy RH is Free on Kindle Unlimited, there is no reason not to get it now!

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Life in the Cage is already hard, and my four gorgeous guardians aren’t making it any easier.

I’m Lu Darke, student, prisoner, and wielder of the rare magic wildfire. The Headmistress of the Cimmerian Reform Academy is definitely up to something sinister, but I’m not escaping the Cage until I’ve unraveled its mysteries. A mysterious ghost is following me, a new Divination professor is taking my nemesis under her wing, and Holly’s sketchbook promises a grim future.

I’m not going down without a fight.

Roman Frost ripped my heart open and he’s back for more, but there’s no way I’m letting him in again.

Shane is my pillar and champion, but the territorial need to mark me is driving him mad, and his visions grow darker by the day.

Professor Steele has promised me his heart, but whatever he’s hiding might be an insurmountable obstacle between us.

And Locke has finally ventured from the depths of Cimmerian. It hurts him to be so close to my blood without a taste, and he can’t fight his true nature forever.

Cimmerian’s secrets are much darker than I ever could have believed, and they threaten to destroy us all- but one of my protectors might be the key.

Kissed by Moonlight is the second novel in a steamy, medium-burn academy reverse harem romance trilogy. No choosing, no cheating- only unbridled passion and emotional angst in a haunted gothic mansion! Mature readers only.

Thoughts on Kissed by Moonlight

Getting heavy!

This second installment of this trilogy slaps onto the page at the exact moment book 1 ends, throwing the characters into the deep end without a paddle or a prayer. Events twist and turn as the story goes on, revealing some secrets while shrouding others.

And the ending?! Let’s just say: be glad book 3 is already out.


  • Steamy!
  • Emotional.
  • World building.
  • Mystery.
  • Enemies to just slightly less of an enemy.


  • The ebb and flow of Dom is driving me nuts!


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type




Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range



4 out of 5 Stars

A great installment that edges on the border of dark and horror filled, though not at the hands of the main protagonists. A decent Academy read just hot enough to burn the page. Free on KU.

Published June 15th, 2019

234 Pages

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem series which features alternative romantic dynamics and sexual themes suitable only for adult readers. #WhyChoose

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