Jinxed by K.B. Everly – A Book Review

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Jinxed *Toxic Bitchcraft - Book 1* by K.B. Everly - A Book Review #BookReview #WhyChoose #Slow/MedBurn #RH #PNR #Witch #Paranormal #Funny

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Jinxed (Toxic BitchCraft – Book 1)

by K.B. Ladnier (K.B. Everly)

My Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Slow/med Burn RH, Paranormal

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Funny and engaging, pick it up today!

What is it about? (Blurb pulled from GoodReads)

“Never cross a Craft witch…

Christi Craft is the name and being witchy is my game!

I own a little shop in rural Salem, filled with all manner of fun things; priceless heirlooms, cursed artifacts, bath bombs, Spills (magically spelled pills, if you get my drift). You know, harmless things.

However, Milo James, a sexy AF Warlock Warden, disagrees. He’s always giving me citations and fines for selling my cursed artifacts to humans who don’t know any better. I’ve known him most of my life, and he sees me as a little sister – at least, that’s how he treats me. Dang it…

If that’s not enough, Orrin, my Incubus lover, suddenly wants more from me than just an occasional roll in the sheets. On top of that, I have to deal with this poltergeist I unknowingly acquired with a recent purchase. He’s demanding I solve his murder. What he doesn’t seem to grasp is that I suck at being a witch.

But things aren’t what they seem when it comes to this spirit, and I’m not sure I can help him on my own. With or without my power.”


This book had me laughing from beginning to end. Not only are Christi’s actions and reactions downright hysterical, her interactions with the guys that surround her (hot Incubus and even hotter Warlock.. not to mention a gay as gay can be Pixie) are slap happy humorous. And don’t even get me started on her mother!

The entire novel is aimed at building the idea that Christi is far more than she seems and far more powerful than she knows. You, as the reader, know it, the characters know it – but Christi doesn’t. In her little witchy mind, she is as hamstrung by a lack of power as the most powerless witch out there, and considering her heritage – that is a pretty brutal magical sentence to throw down.

This was a great introduction to a new series, hitting all the right notes and carefully sidestepping the ‘first in series’ curse by explaining the world, yet avoiding the deluge such info dumps can invoke. I am eagerly awaiting Book 2!


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type



  • Funny!
  • Well written.
  • Well edited.
  • Good Character development.
  • Use of Foreshadowing that doesn’t overwhelm.
  • Well crafted world.
  • The characters!!!


  • Christi is smart as a whip, yet somehow a bit slow on the uptake here…

Favorite Lines:

Even though pixies tend to not gravitate towards just one gender when it comes to love and lust, he’s strictly dickly. (6%)


4.5 out of 5 Stars

A well written story that begs for Book 2 to be released NOW! I recommend this.

Published June 15th, 2018

196 Pages

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem Novel that features sexual scenes and themes that are more suited to older audiences. 18+ 

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