Into The Seas Embrace by Avery Thorn – A Book Review

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Into The Seas Embrace

(The Nameless Syren Series – Book 1)

by Avery Thorn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Slow Burn Fantasy RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

A unique Slow Burn RH featuring Mermaids and myths. It is almost a school read (she DOES go to school) but doesn’t’ quite fit in that genre, while it flirts as a YA… but again, doesn’t quite fit with that genre. It’s a step apart from all of it, though on the edges of every label. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Dear Reader,

I hope you find this note before it gets lost in the waves. Before I get to send another letter and tell you about what happened to me.
It all started when my family and I came to the quiet town of Argos, Washington to start a new life. Again. However, the more I learned about this run-down seaside town, the more mysterious it became. Sea monsters in the bay, weird and extremely secretive townsfolk, and too handsome men.

Oh, the men. Every corner I turn, I’m meeting another one that’s making me slip up and forget the real reasons my father, sister, and I have to hop from place to place. Even though our very lives are at stake, I can’t seem to stay away from them. But I have to be careful, as they’re involved with whatever is going on in this town. They might even be at the center of it. My bet is on some sort of cult, and the sea monster is a weird fish they worship.
I’ll find out what is wrong with this town one way or another, hopefully before I have to leave again.

The Girl With No Name.

Note from the Author

Into The Sea’s Embrace is a slow burn, ‘why choose’ romance with some M/M and M/F/M themes. While the sea may hold more secrets than she has, would being lost be frightening or would it be liberating? It all depends on who’s embrace you’re caught in.


This book contains adult language, sexual content, graphic violence, and deals with sensitive issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Reader discretion is advised. 

Thoughts on Into The Seas Embrace

The overall plot and flow of this book prompt me to rate the narrative at a solid 4, though there are a few issues that might have dragged it down – but I have hope for book 2!

This is the kind of series that I NEED to continue, issues aside. There are far too many questions remaining that have piqued my interest, along with a general sense of connection with the characters.

Favorite Line

Soft Punk would be the words to describe this girl. (11%)


  • FMC is a POC, which while note highlighted, is rare in this genre of white heroines.
  • Mermaids (mermen?) there are a few of them out there, but it’s still lower than average in a field dominated by shifters and vampires.
  • Ajax… kinda love him.
  • An 18 year old who…. gasp…. acts like an 18 year old!


  • Her name. What is it? Not her last, but her first. At one point she is happy she gets to keep her first name while at another she’s shouting at her dad not to call her that, that’s it’s not her name. Then, another scene she acts surprised when Percy calls her name. ??? The same name we’ve heard since page 1….?
  • Her actual age is close to 21, but she is portraying a high school student…. yet none of the guys NOT in school seem put off by pursuing her. The librarian, a janitor and the town artist? The dudes at school I get, but them? What?


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type



R (could be PG-13… but there is a feeling of more coming…)

Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range

18+ (I think? She’s close to 21, but I think 2 of the guys are 18)


4 out of 5 Stars

A very interesting and rather unique read, even if it feels mighty familiar on many fronts. Free on KU.

Published December 23rd, 2018
388 Pages

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Heads up, Avery Thorn also writes as Jennifer Natoli.


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