Hunting Darkness by Savannah Rose and Amelia Gates – A Book Review

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Hunting Darkness

(Demon Hunter’s Guild – Book 1)

by Savannah Rose & Amelia Gates
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Slow/Med burn Paranormal Romance RH

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

An interesting take on an old theme. It’s not perfect, but it has potential and may be worth a look.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

There’s only one word to describe the devil’s kiss.

There’s only one word to describe a hunter who locks lips with the most revered, most feared, and most despicable demon to have ever existed.

A hunter and the Devil. It’s not just an unlikely pair. It’s an impossible one. Add his two henchmen to the mix and there’s only one word that spells.

I am Melody Black. Daughter of the New York Guild’s leader. Daughter of the best hunter to have ever existed. But daddy dearest is about to lose his title. He’s conquered a lot, but the one thing he has never done is come face to face with Lucifer himself. Now, here I am, standing with the King of Demons, sword palmed, stance perfected.

There is only one thing left to do.
Defeat him.

There is only one feeling meant to be felt.

Instead, desire rips through my body, and even though Lucifer doesn’t touch me, I can feel him everywhere.

I am the hunter, but I am also the hunted.

And it’s not just Lucifer who has his dark eyes fixated on me.

Hunting Darkness is a #whychoose demons and devils paranormal romance, featuring your favorite demon, Lucifer and his devilish henchmen. Oh, and of course, the queen of all strong female leads and renowned demon hunter, Melody Black. No cheating. No cliff hangers. And even with the dark paranormal romance elements, you’ll still get your HEA.


While there was nothing cute about this book, there was something undeniably sweet… despite the fact it features demons, angels, Lucifer, demon hunters and a kickass FMC. All that aside, there was something, dare I say, wholesome in the whole narrative? I mean, beyond the fact that he’s the king of demons and brutal with a sword, I never got the ‘evil’ vibe from the evilest thing ever made. Interesting approach.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type


Steam Level

XX, Harem is not formed in truth yet, but will slowly build per author. MMMF


  • Fun.
  • The guys are unique and oddly approachable.
  • FMC has a chip on her shoulder and less humanity than most, but she’s still easy to like.


  • Bit predictable .
  • Needs the editing tightened up, it’s not horrible, but mistakes were notable.


Favorite Lines

To all who have sinned. Be as bad as you goddamn please. Always. And forever. (Dedication)


Complimenting a girl’s beauty is one thing, but complimenting her strength, that’s a whole other ball game. (87%)



3.5 out of 5 Stars

I would prefer to see an re-edited version of this book, but it still has promise and is perfect for fans of PNR and UF.

Published March 16th, 2019

208 Pages

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem Series which will eventually feature sexual themes or scenes more suited to an adult audience. 17+

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