Hide Little Wolf by Serenity Rayne – A Book Review

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Hide Little Wold (Aurora Marelup - Book 1) by Serenity Rayne - A Book Review #BookReview #FastBurn #RH #Shifters #WhyChoose #2Stars #KindleUnlimited #KU

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Hide Little Wolf

(Aurora Marelup – Book 1)

by Serenity Rayne
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Fast Burn, Dark PNR RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

This book has quite a few good reviews, yet until it is gone over by an editor as well as a beta reader, I cannot recommend it. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

My name is Aurora and I am the last of my bloodline.

The Strigoi killed my family within moments of my birth. They entrusted my life to my Guardians Dimitri a Great Bear and Andre a Golden Eagle. They sent us through a portal to the new world to hide and protect me. We’ve spent the last two hundred years on the move like gypsies. The time has come and I’ve obtained my full power.

The hunt for my mates is on. Once I succeed, I will take back my mother’s throne and dance on the bones of the Strigoi.

Trigger Warnings from the Author

Decapitation. There is m/m & m/m/m scenes. There is shifted sex. (Wolf on mate) Blood and Gore. Why choose romance (multiple men faithful to one female). Cliffhanger. This is book one of five

Thoughts on Hide Little Wolf

Needs an editor

I so wanted to like this story, but I just can’t. The premise is fascinating, and could carry a tale well, yet the execution of said ideas falls flat. It feels like a first draft, and a brutal one at that.

The FMC, a lost Lycan Princess well over 200 years old, is immature, blood thirsty, disconnected from her wolf, selfish and power hungry – but she can do no wrong, at least not in the eyes of her Harem. She even kills a sex worker in the beginning due to jealousy, over a guy who is not even her mate!! She IS bonded to him, but it was a forced protective bond that is broken soon after the story progresses. This man, a bear shifter, who she is so jealous of, is actually a father figure – and not in the fun daddy kink kind of way. (Maybe that will change? I hope so… Dimitri is kinda the bomb).

There is also a decided lack of editing throughout the novel. POVs switch as quickly as tenses do, flipping back and forth in a whiplash that leaves the reader reeling.

Overall, I was highly disappointed and cannot, in good conscience, recommend this book – at least not now. Perhaps a rewrite, thorough editing and rounds with a beta reader might change my mind.


  • The base concept is kinda cool.
  • Her shifted Lycan form is pretty badass.


  • Poor, or rather, no, Editing. I can handle minor editing issues, a misused word or even the occasional tense mishap…. but this comes across as a first draft novel.
  • Jumbled and disjointed writing.
  • Unapproachable characters that make no sense.
  • Lack of world building.


First, third and multiple POVs.

Ending Type




Romantic Dynamic

MMFMM… I think?

Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Hide Little Wolf

I debated writing a review for this blog for a long time. Authors work hard at their craft and deserve only the best press, yet honestly compels me to list it. As of right this second, I cannot recommend this book, but I will watch for edits and updates. If the story is smoothed and spit polished in the future, I will update this review to reflect that. Free on KU.

Published September 20th, 2019
241 Pages

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem romance which features dark elements and sexual content far more suited to an adult audience. 18+ only! #WhyChoose

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