Hearts at War by K.N. Banet – A Book Review

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Hearts at War

(A Tribunal Archives Story)

by K.N. Banet
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Urban Fantasy, Stand Alone
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

Set in the Tribunal World, this romance centers around the enigmatic and harsh Jabari and the woman that shakes his entire universe.

What is Hearts at War About?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Jabari lost the love of his life centuries ago. He knew he would never find someone who could equal what he had with her. Then he met Aisha, a feisty rogue werecat, and she had pulled at his dead heart in ways he never dreamed. Not willing to take that risk again, he walked away from her and their shared feelings.

Sixteen years later, Jabari has been asked to help Aisha with a mysterious problem. It’s his duty as a son of Hasan, ruler of the werecats, to take care of the werecats in his father’s stead.

That includes helping Aisha, no matter how much she might hate him.

Jabari has no intention of falling back into her bed or letting her into his heart. He’s intrigued by the mystery she’s presented, but that doesn’t mean he’ll go see her without a battle plan.

They don’t call him the General for nothing.

Aisha made two mistakes sixteen years ago. She fell in love with a man that didn’t return the sentiment, then she didn’t tell him she was pregnant with his child after he left. Not only had her heart been broken, but she had to consider who the father was as well.
Jabari, son of Hasan, or as most knew him: the General.

It was fear, not anger or heartbreak, that kept her from reaching out sooner. She had feared that she would lose her son to the political machine that was Jabari’s family, the ruling family of the werecats. Feared that her son would lose his chance to choose his own destiny. She had wanted to spare him from that until he was old enough to understand.
She never expected out of control magic, and now she’ll have to answer for her mistakes if she wants to help her son. The only thing she has to lose is her child.

Aisha has no intention of losing her son to that family and their expectations without a fight.

She’ll even go to war with the General if she has to.

My Thoughts on Hearts at War

Confession…. I love everything about this Universe – and I have read every single installment. It doesn’t matter if I am reading about Jacky and her ill-advised romance with Heath, or Kalia and the heritage she finally topped running from – or any of the other vibrant characters in this world, I just love it. And this one is no exception. Jabari, who is one of Jacky’s werecat siblings, steps up and takes the lead, shining a light on yet another aspect of this sprawling, and powerful, family.

Jabari, Son of Hasan, also known as ‘The General’, is a fierce Werecat, loyal to his family and the image that his Father has carefully crafted throughout the ages. He knows his job, what he is supposed to do, and how the world should see him. Yet despite appearances, Jabari is a fractured man, a living embodiment of the issues in Hasan’s family – issues that become even more clear-cut in this installment. With the addition of a few new characters, Aisha and Makalo, the depth of this story and the intrigue woven between narratives take on new layers and complications – expanding even as the family becomes more ‘real’.

So Good!!

I adored this story. When I first met Jabari during one of Jacky’s adventures, I didn’t like him at all – but that was probably the point. He has grown on me, and he cements my fondness for his curt soul here, where he takes front and center. Yet despite my newfound love for Jabari, it’s his counterpart, Aisha, that really steals the show. That woman is a fierce, proud MOTHER, who truly exemplifies everything that a mother is supposed to be. She pulls no punches and lays it all out there with brutal honesty and a clear heart that, quite literally, made me cheer. I hope I see her in future books, along with Makalo, and everything he represents for this changing family.

While this is a great addition to an astounding, and ever-growing, world, it is a stand-alone adventure that can be read without previous knowledge, though the lack of such may make certain things a bit confusing.


Third Person, Multiple POV

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R, Adult

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My Final Verdict on Hearts at War

A great addition to this complex world. The Children of Hasan are each unique and special in their own ways – shining a spotlight on yet another one of the siblings only increases the appeal of this series. Rich, romantic, and surprisingly wise, this is a great read perfect for fans of The Tribunal Archives, or for Urban Fantasy Fans everywhere.


Hearts at War

Published January 18th, 2022
331 Pages

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