Grave Magic Bounty by Shannon Mayer – A Book Review

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Grave Magic Bounty

(The Forty Proof Series – Book 1)

by Shannon Mayer
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Urban Fantasy
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

From the master of Urban Fantasy comes a new and exciting adventure with the most unusual of Heroines. Fast paced and plot thick, this is the Urban Fantasy adults have been looking for. Free on Kindle Unlimited!

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

One day I’m married, living in Seattle, and magic isn’t real.
The next, I’m divorced and living in the guest room of my ex’s hotter- than-sin cousin’s place in Savannah . . . and talking to an animated skeleton named Robert.

I have to admit, Robert isn’t my worst date.

At forty-one, I didn’t think I’d be starting over. But I’ll be damned if my ex thinks I’m down and out because he pulled a fast one on me.
When a job comes my way that offers me a chance to use my childhood training in the shadow world, I take it—I need the money more than I care about my sanity.

It’s dangerous.
I have to embrace the magic and dark of my past.
And I need Advil to keep me going.

So those who’d hold me back better sit up and take notice, because a new woman is in town, and she’s not about to be counted out by anyone.

Even if she does groan when she rolls out of bed in the morning.

Thoughts on Grave Magic Bounty

4.5 rounded up.

Shannon Mayer is one of my all time favorite authors! I have her on my one-click list and squee happy sounds every time I see a new book drop. This time around, that squee was laced with giggles and pride as I encountered a Heroine in MY OWN AGE BRACKET! Bree is 41…. and i love it.

Not only is this FMC above legal drinking age, she brings with her all the wisdom and snark a middle aged woman carts around. She (mostly) knows who she is, or rather, she knows who she WANTS to be, and she is done making excuses for it. Trying to recapture the life she left behind for a hollow love, she has returned to the city of her youth, and the Shadow World that seeps through it. Mystery, danger and even a hint of romance abound as the darkness plays and secrets are revealed.

This is Mayer at her most distilled, offering up wit, action and honesty – all wrapped up in a character struggling to overcome the ‘too old, too out of shape, too female’ labels. Bree is strong in her own way and determined enough to make anyone cheer.

While I started to get annoyed with the proliferation of ‘old’ comments and her lack of self-worth (41 really is not old… honest people), I thoroughly enjoyed Bree’s romp through the underground and the discoveries she made along the way. I can’t wait to see where she goes next, and if Crash will be involved!


  • Very well written.
  • The narrative flows well.
  • I adore Bree… and I can’t wait to see her grow into the woman she really is.
  • Feish…. how can you NOT love her?!
  • Crash… if I lick it, can I keep it?
  • Bree’s age is a sticking point in the plot, and I kinda love it. I am 40 now, and having a FMC in my bracket is both refreshing, and startling. Though the constant aches and pains are a little off putting… 40 doesn’t feel that bad guys.


  • She needs to get some self-worth.
  • I was about done with the ‘old’ comments 1/2 way through.
  • Lucas. He’s not a con to the book, I just hate him.


First person, single POV

Ending Type



Upper YA can read this easily, but it is geared towards adults.

Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Grave Magic Bounty

Fast, beautiful and sublimely unique, this is an Urban Fantasy from a Master in the Genre. Walking skeletons, mysterious blacksmith’s, a secretive organization, spiders, fish, ghosts… it’s all here, and it’s all Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published February 16th, 2020
340 Pages

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