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Gifts for Readers - Looking for the perfect gift for the reader in your life this Holiday Season? Here are my top 5 Gifts for Readers - #affordable #adorable and sure to be loved by any Book Lover.

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With the holidays quickly approaching, shopping lists are being filled and wishes are being sent out into the ether – hopeful for fulfillment. If you have an avid reader on YOUR list, then you need to know the Perfect Gifts for Readers.

Fortunately, gifts for readers are actually some of the easiest items you’ll be able to cross off your list. If you don’t have an actual title in mind, then gift certificates to their favorite book retailers are always prime. (I’m rather hoping my husband reads this post….)

Yet if you wish to gift an actual item over a book or gift certificate, then playing to their joy of the written word, or finding items that make reading easier or more enjoyable, is the way to go.

With that in mind, here are my;

Top 5 Gifts for Readers



Book Couch - Gifts for Readers
Book Couch iPad Stand, Tablet Stand, and Book Holder Reading Pillow Cushion 

This delightful little pillow is the perfect gift for the reader in your life who enjoys either digital media OR the traditional paper or hardback. Soft and comfortable, this pillow can brace on a lap or the bed, offering support for a Tablet, Phone, or books – and probably several other offerings as well. It’s cute, compact, and affordable.

I linked the Sloth design because I love it, but it currently comes in Grey, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Lips, and Diner – along with this adorable Sloth pattern.


Throw Pillow - Just One More Chapter - Gifts for Readers“Just one more Chapter” Throw Pillow Cover

You already know the reader in your life is all about comfort and nesting when it comes to that precious reading time. Throw pillows, blankets, cups – these are ALL necessary items to have for that cacoon, and this pillowcase is right up there in terms of adorableness.

Just make sure you buy the pillow as well – this is ONLY the pillowcase. 18 x 18


Premium Fleece Blanket - Gifts for ReadersPremium Fleece Blanket with Sleeves

It’s a fleece blanket… WITH SLEEVES! I mean, you can wear this thing! Not only is that the height of comfort, if a bit long of us short stacks, but it’s decidedly unfashionable with a large kangaroo pocket – perfect for stashing your book or tablet.

And yes, I did say unfashionable.. because.. come on. But reading isn’t about fashion, it’s about comfort and enjoyment – and this wearable, Premium Fleece Blanket offers that in spades.

Available in 16 different colors and shades.


WICKED Bookmark - Gifts for ReadersMy BOOKMARK “WICKED Witch” Book Mark – Handmade

So this one isn’t so much about comfort as it is about pure style and charm. Everyone will recognize those Ruby Shoes sticking out of a favorite book, along with the eye-catching striped hose.

If I am reading a physical book – I want my bookmark to stand out, and this one does so in fantastical style.

This is custom made by MY BOOKMARK, you can find their Amazon Store Here.


Kindle Paper White -Gifts for ReadersAll-New Kindle Paper White – Ad-Supported

What Gifts for Readers list would be complete without the prerequisite Kindle included? I can’t think of one….

The first Kindle hit the market on November 19th, 2007 – just in time for the holiday rush. That little device ran out of stock in just over 5 hours, setting the tone for the future of not only reading, but gift lists, apps, and independent publishing. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Amazon revolutionized the book market with the advent of the Kindle, though eReaders had been around in some form or another since 1997.

The Kindle was one of the first widely available and widely accessible eReaders, one with an entire library of digital media just waiting to be explored.

Fast forward to today and you have numerous Kindle options available for the gift-giving savant – from the traditional to the expensive, and everything in between. The link above is for the Paper White Kindle, offered a touch cheaper with the addition of ads. I, for one, don’t mind the ads – but if you do, there are options available that eliminate them for a slightly higher price.

What gift do YOU want?

As a reader, these are MY top 5 options, but what are yours? What Book Loving Gift is on your list this year? Leave a comment, toss a link – I’d love to see it.

Till next time, happy reading!



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