Dissent by Auryn Hadley – A Book Review

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(Rise of the Iliri – Book 7)

by Auryn Hadley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Slow Burn, Sci-Fi / Epic Fantasy RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

The epic adventure continues, burning across the page and the continent with this explosive fantasy. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Cancel your lunch and dinner dates, and clear out your inbox at work before picking up DISSENT, the SEVENTH installment of the action-packed sci-fi fantasy series, Rise Of The Iliri! Because this is the truth: This epic series, spellbinding from the first, only becomes more powerfully enthralling with each adventure. Start DISSENT at your peril if you have looming deadlines!

Author Auryn Hadley goes deep rather than wide on this one, reveling in the relationships that are the source of power of Salryc Luxx, commander of the Anglian army and leader of all iliri. Danger surrounds her on all sides: from the enemy’s encroachment on the borders of her former homeland, to the many humans who still perceive the iliri species as an enslaved inferior race. The thing that Sal fears most though, is losing her mind; all members of her lineage have been driven mad as their powers increased–and Sal’s mind is morphing by the minute.

Even before Sal joined the Black Blades, they were the best of her country’s elite forces, bred to be ferocious predators and trained to be deadly soldiers. They think as one, feel as one, yet possess their own special abilities; and the long-held secret, that the Black Blades are all crossbred iliri, is now out in the open. With the addition of Sal, a purebred iliri, they have become the most deadly creatures on the continent. Now the country that disbanded them needs them to defeat the invading Terrans. Sal desperately wants to defeat the Terrans and their leader, who will stop at nothing to wipe out the iliri. Ironically, saving the country that enslaved her people is the only way to save them.

But can she, the Blades, and their human allies overcome the resentment against iliri influence, and the rising tide of dissent that threatens to tear the country apart from within? To do that, the Blades will have to do what they do best: fight their way through it – in the heart-pounding battle scenes Hadley describes so well.

As the strain begins to show, Sal is trying to let herself lean on the Blades, a band of brothers, some of whom share her bed – and it’s getting really crowded in the bedroom! The more of them there are, the more adorable these guys get, like puppies piled up around a warm fire. Although some of the human males in Sal’s world aren’t quite used to the reverse harem model of family life the iliri favor, the smoking (but tasteful) sex scenes are guaranteed to please readers.

Note from the Author

Rise Of The Iliri will keep epic fantasy and action-adventure fans—as well as crossover romance and mystery readers—hypnotized into the wee hours. (Grown people. Magical though they may be, these are definitely not books for the underage crowd!) Because of the exotic sexual instincts of the iliri, DISSENT may not be suitable for humans under 18./b>

Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern will find Sal’s planet Ogun an irresistible destination for their next fantasy fix, and some fans may be reminded of Avatar without the scary beasts, or Game of Thrones. (But happier.)

Thoughts on Dissent

Grief is seldom a subtle emotion, even in the face of war. Sal is still reeling from the events in the Terran camp, and the journey back to her Blades… and to herself. This book, more than the others, really dives deep into the heart of that pain, or rather, the lingering aftermath the pulls at a soul. It’s not as brutal as some of the novels in this extensive series, but it still holds it own level of pain and revelation – one that pushes Sal ever onward in her quest to free her people.

Along with grief, Sal is dealing with doubt and worry. All Kaisae’s before her have either died or shattered their minds, but she doesn’t know why. The patterns of fate are becoming clearer the farther she travels and the truth of her future is growing stark – and no one is quite sure what to do about it. Hadley showcases this in both blatant and shadowy ways, expressing the undercurrents in both action and conversation. It’s immersive, and the perfect way to drive a fantasy epic.


  • Well written.
  • Complex.
  • So detailed the glossary IS a necessary feature.
  • Read the map… just read it.
  • Growing list of characters.
  • Emotions are expressed in a way you can actually feel.
  • Kolt!! He may be my favorite of ALL of them! Maybe.


  • Blaec. I’m getting soooooo annoyed with everything surrounding him. But so is Sal.
  • POV switches are not always clear, though smooth enough.


Third Person, Multiple POV



Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


Final Verdict on Dissent

5 out of 5 Stars

This is the kind of Epic Fantasy that I adore – deep, emotional, action packed and incredibly detailed. Auryn Hadley has outdone herself with the Rise of the Ilrir – and ALL of them are free on KU!

Published October 15th, 2017
440 Pages

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