Deadworld by Debbie Cassidy – A Book Review

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(Chronicles of a Deadworld – Book 1)

by Debbie Cassidy
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Slow Burn RH, Dystopian, PNR – Series Complete
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

This is a continuation in the universe Debbie Cassidy has painstakingly created in the ‘Chronicles’ sagas. A wonderful addition to that growing, and very complex, world. Action packed, free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Humans weren’t meant to live underground, but then artificial intelligences weren’t meant to feed off souls. Shit happens.

Being a Potential is an honor. It qualifies me for the mandatory Run, the chance to become a Guardian and wield one of the only weapons that can disable a Genesis scout. It also means I’ll have to leave the safety of my underground home and go topside, where the possibility of death goes up by eighty percent.

Badges of honor mean nothing if you’re dead.

I’d rather steer clear of any place where soul sucking AI roam.I’d rather stay safe in the Hive and hangout with my wolf-shifter co-worker. I’d rather work on the mechanical heart that keeps the Hive running and spend time with my enigmatic nephilim mentor. Heck, I’d rather be doing anything else. But I’ve made a promise to my best friend, a promise to get her to the finish line in time to win a spot as Guardian. How hard can it be, right? We have a plan. So why do I feel as if something is about to go seriously wrong?

It’s a game. Just a game.

Or is it?

First came Chronicles of Midnight, then came Chronicles of Arcana, and now we have Chronicles of Deadworld. Set a hundred years after the events of its predecessors Deadworld takes you into a Post-Apocalyptic Urban fantasy world with a slow burn Whychoose Romance.

You don’t have to read the previous series, but man, if you do the thrill ride will be unlike any other.

Thoughts on Deadworld

While reading Chronicles of Midnight is not a prerequisite for this series, it does help set the stage and explain much of the fascinating world building Cassidy has going on here. This series is set 100 years after the events in that saga, throwing humans into the deep end of survival, surrounded by wolves, vampires and even nephilim… though there are different names used. It’s complex, rather emotional and seriously action packed.

If you haven’t read any of the previous series’s, it may take a little bit to catch up, as the action happens quickly and terms are tossed like popcorn. Worth it though.


  • Well written.
  • Echo is a strong FMC who enters the fray a little lost, but still determined to make her place.
  • Good use of Multiple POV.
  • Some familiar faces and names crop up – fan favorites from previous sagas.
  • Fast paced.


  • May get a little lost if the previous books have not been read, but catch up is possible.
  • Feels a bit tropey and trite in places.


First Person, multiple POV

Ending Type



R to NC-17

Romantic Dynamic

MMMMF (counting ENTIRE series here)

Character Age Range

21 +

Review for Entire Series of The Chronicles of Deadworld

I want to make a note here, as I have now read the series in it’s entirety, though only Deadworld will get a review on the blog. This series is worth the read, and the emotional angst, that such a read requires. It’s painful in places, brutal in others, sometimes uplifting and all together transformative to the characters and their world.

Like many, if not most, of Debbie Cassidy’s works, there are questions at the end and a HEA that somehow leaves something raw and unfinished. Not everyone in these pages gets their final smile, and certain relationships are left to the imagination, both in completion and possibility. Despite the setting and the obvious paranormal affiliations, there is too much humanity injected here to make a perfect ending.

And frankly? That’s enough.


4.5 out of 5 Stars

This is a book worth sinking your teeth into. Fast paced, action packed and infused with just the right amount of romance, it’ll keep you reading well into the night. The entire series is out now, and Free on KU.

Published April 23rd, 2019

226 Pages


Please note, this is a Reverse Harem series which features alternative Romantic Dynamics (FMC will NOT choose between her love interests, she gets to have them all) more suited to an adult audience. #WhyChoose 

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