Covetous by Victoria Evers – A Book Review

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(The Marked Mage Chronicles – Book 2)

by Victoria Evers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

YA Urban Fantasy Romance

Available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Audio

Down and Dirty

You NEED to read this series!

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What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Heaven Wants Me Dead.
Hell Wants Me As Their Weapon.
And I’m in Bed With A Devil.

I was just your average seventeen-year-old girl, until I was Marked. Some may sell their souls; mine was taken. Not only are angelic hunters out to kill me, but Hell’s deadliest Mage—the devilishly charming Crown Prince of Lust—is just as desperate to get his hands on me…again. No, he doesn’t want me dead. This seductive trickster only has one thing on his mind: making me his new blushing bride.

He can call me his “mate” all he wants. I’m not about ready to sign my soul away into eternal damnation, no matter how gorgeous he may be. But after two months on the run, I realize I can’t escape the ugly truth. If I wish to fight another day, I just may have to make a deal with the worst kind of devil. The kind that loves me.

I thought I knew what rock bottom was, but this is only the beginning. As the great poet once said, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”


Ugh! I NEED book 3!

This story torpedos Kat’s life into a literal whirlwind of action, pain and revelation. I won’t go into too many details, as it will spoil this complex narrative, just know that few things are as they seem, friends can become enemies, enemies are really allies and always protect your heart…

Ok… so I WILL say something more…. Oh my freaking God! This series is really, really good. Not in the good for a YA way, but in general, really good! It’s convoluted, complex, a bit confusing and totally engrossing.


First Person, Single POV (Except for the Prologue)

Ending Type

Wrenching Cliffhanger

Steam Level

Come on…. it’s a YA. There’s some heat, no steam, lots of confusion and quite a bit of anger here.


  • Exceptionally well written.
  • Character growth and revelations rock the players and the reader both.
  • Kat: A heroine who actually responds like a rational being. This girl doesn’t just ‘accept’ fate, no, she fights tooth, hair and toenail… and NEVER stops.
  • Blaine: Is he evil? Just misunderstood? Either way, he’s amazing.
  • Val: Love to hate this guy, in the best way possible.
  • With all the action and intrigue, any adult readers won’t care this is labeled YA. Trust me.
  • Carly…. ok, so the girl is pretty badass.
  • That cover! (Cover Design by CivilAnarchy)


  • Very minor editing issues, never detracts.


Favorite Lines


Officer Hernandez was fifty shades of blue-blooded hotness. (4%)
“Book Nerd? I prefer the term ‘Literary Badass.’” (5%)


You knew things weren’t looking good for you if your list of allies was shorter than your options when playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. (5%)


Sleep stripped us all of our masks, and in this light, he was beautiful. Delicate. Beautifully broken. (38%)



5 out of 5 Stars

This is an amazing book and an amazing series thus far. I cannot wait for Book 3! I recommend this to all lover of the Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Genre, whether you generally enjoy YA or not.

Published July 14, 2017

447 Pages

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