Courting Darkness by Katie May and Quinn Arthurs – A Book Review

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Courting Darkness

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Courting Darkness

(Fae Revealed – Book 1)

by Katie May & Quinn Arthurs
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Slow Burn PNR RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

This is the kind of introduction to a new series that I just love! Great foundation to the characters, tempting and subtly explanatory of the world. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

My whole life has been characterized by fighting.

Fighting my family.

And fighting for my life.

Trust me—the first one is completely voluntary, and a lot of fun. The second? Not so much.

To say my family dynamic is weird is the understatement of the century. I held my first sword when I was only five years old, and I learned how to dispose of a body before I turned ten.

I may have a penchant for pink and sparkles…but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to kick major ass as well.

As if my life isn’t complicated enough, my body is being ravaged by a chronic, mystery illness.

Seizures? Check. Passing out? Check. Agonizing pain? Check. A host of other unexplainable ailments? Double check.

After a change in my parents’ job takes us across the country, I find myself doing something I’ve never done before—attend an actual high school, despite my sickness.

But this school? Well…it’s a little weird…

I’m always turned around, and there’s something happening I just can’t put my finger on.

And don’t even get me started on my sexy as sin teacher and his equally as gorgeous twin brother. Or Tristan, who kind of reminds me of an energetic puppy. Or Kian, who has a harem of girls at his beck and call, despite seemingly unhappy with his entire life. Or Foster and Gage, who are revered and feared in equal measure.

With a serial killer stalking the streets of this odd, little town, my new friends and family are on high alert.

One thing becomes clear…

Humans aren’t the only beings who walk this earth.

And if I don’t uncover the secrets of my new school, I may be the killer’s next victim.

Note from the Publisher:

Courting Darkness is a reverse harem paranormal romance, meaning the main character will end up with more than one love interest by the end of the series. This is book ONE in the series. It will end with a cliffhanger.

My Thoughts on Courting Darkness

4.5 rounded up

This author duo, while individually talented, stepped it up even higher as a team, producing a book with all the charm, wit and intrigue you look for in a new series. The only drawback? There’s only one book out so far!!

Sera is a wonderful FMC- pocket-sized yet fierce, even though she suffers from a debilitating and mysterious ailment. Or maybe she is so fierce BECAUSE she has to deal with a disease that strikes out of nowhere. Not to mention an incredibly strong family that has made a business of weapons, training and generally being bad@ss. Obviously, there is a lot more to it – but there are reasons that Sera knows how to fight and defend herself as well as she does.

The guys that start centering around her are as different as different can be, yet they all share a familiar background and know each other well. Of them all, I think Kian is my favorite, mainly because no one likes him. It’s complicated.

If the rest of the series follows the flow of this one, then I’ve found a solid series I can’t wait to read again and again.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type:

Cliffhanger. Serious one.



Romantic Dynamic:

Reverse Harem… not sure of the final make up yet.


Teacher – he’s only 25 though.

Character Age Range:

More New Adult than Young Adult, though it’s set in High School, all characters are 18 or close enough to it that the slow-burn plot will get there before age consent becomes a problem.

My Final Verdict on Courting Darkness

A fantastic start to a promising new series. The characters are richly depicted, showcasing all the strengths and foibles you’d expect in a group of magical beings… ones who are still growing up themselves. Mistakes have been made here, and that just brings the story to life. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Courting Darkenss

Published September 18th, 2021
283 Pages

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