Convalescent by Kandi Vale – A Book Review

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Convalescent (Slivered Trilogy – Book 2)

by Kandi Vale
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dark Paranormal Romance

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

Read this, but forewarned, there is BDSM, so proceed with reckless caution.

What is it about?

The revelations about who and what Kisa is have rocked the very foundations of her soul. The pain that has buoyed her over the last year suddenly makes sense, and its genesis is so heartbreaking even the heavens weep. Dolor, an immortal creature of immeasurable power and need, is the only thing that brings any life to her eyes… the only thing that can actually make her feel. He swears he will help and protect her…yet who is going to protect her from him?

As the truth of Kisa’s Sliver status explodes and the danger closes in, Dolor and Kisa must struggle to find their balance in a shifting world of immense power and apocalyptic prophecy. One wrong move could destroy them both – or end it all.

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Oh wow….

Hot doesn’t even begin to describe this novel, or this series thus far.  It is intense, sadistic, emotionally draining and so bloody good you literally can’t stop reading.

Kisa grows by leaps and bounds in this installment, finding her own inner ‘monster’ and coming to terms with what it means, well… at least as much as she can at this point. Her pain is still incredibly raw, leaving her shattered in ways no amount of love can cure – and once you really understand the reasoning behind it, the entire series comes into stark focus. You also start gleaning WHY things are happening between Dolor and Kisa like they are… foreshadowing at its best. Saying more than that will spoil the story – but it’s such an important thing to understand, and sets the groundwork for Book 3. (I haven’t read book 3 yet, obviously, but the writing is on the walls.)

The BDSM aspect of their relationship is still front and center, and the way it is explored here starts to reveal the depth and true meaning such a connection can have. It is impossibly riveting, and somewhat unnerving – just like the story itself.


Third Person, multiple POV


  • Truly and utterly captivating. Highly emotional and so, so human…. even though they are not.
  • Amazingly well written.
  • Character growth… they are struggling, falling and desperate to survive, well, anything.
  • Good portrayal of BDSM – let’s give the love to a misunderstood subset! 💕
  • Jojo: I liked her in the first, I LOVE her in this one!
  • Coverart.
  • Detail – Like Book 1, this novel is lush with detail that points to an author who knows her stuff, or knows how to research.


  • You just KNOW what happened, and it’s going to bloody hurt.
  • Kisa’s Father. Want to hate him. Can’t. So I’ll just ‘con’ him instead.

Favorite Lines


Dreams were more likely to be shattered in these places than made. (32% – talking about casinos)


“There is power in belief, kitten. Some of these people have been playing for decades. Decades of believing in something is bound to leave an imprint. Why do you think gods push prayer so hard?” (33%)


“These humans massacre their own kind daily. For something as trivial as race and religion.”  (93%)


5 out of 5 Stars

I will recommend this to anyone and everyone – with the note that it contains BDSM. I realize that some can’t handle that, but if you can, and you don’t mind your soul bleeding a bit, then READ THIS!

The year has only just begun and I have already placed this on “Favorite Books of 2019” list.

Published: October 26th, 2018

286 pages

Please note that this novel features BDSM and intense sexual content more suited to mature audiences. 18+

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4 responses to “Convalescent by Kandi Vale – A Book Review

  1. Kandi Vale

    I am so happy you’re enjoying the series! Thank you so much for taking the time to review it! I hope you loved the third book just as much! <3

    • Booksandblurbs

      I have your third book (I bought the whole series) on my Kindle right now – ready and waiting. I am going to do a re-read first, to prepare, but I am girding myself for the enjoyment/pain. I was quite serious when I said this is an emotional ride. It takes its toll in tears and soul, even though it truly is one of the best books I’ve read so far this year. Thank you for writing these – I keep recommending them to friends and certain family members.
      My review for Book 3 will be delayed, as my schedule is already packed into April, fortunately and sadly enough.

    • Booksandblurbs

      Nope, this is a strict M/F series. I am trying to recall if there are any side characters for that… but I don’t think so. If there are, it is only mentioned without scenes. Now I need to re-read it! =)

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