Need a Blurb for your Manuscript?

As any good author knows, the Blurb is second only to the cover in terms of initial sales – it is these words that entice and compel a browser into a reader, and eventually, into a fan. Far more than a simple summary of your work, the blurb is an invitation to a new world – a world YOU have created. A decent blurb, one that offers insight into the story held within the pages without spoiling precious details, is the first impression a potential reader gleans – and first impression matter. Your blurb can literally make or break your sales, and you owe it to yourself to put the best foot – or blurb – forward. If you are interested in my Blurb Creation services, please review the Portfolio page first. This will give you an impression of my writing style, along with a preview of what you can expect. Each blurb listed in the slideshow was custom made per the Author’s or Agents request, including tone, style and word count. When you are ready to proceed, please fill out the contact form below with the following information:
  • Working Book Title and Genre
  • Current Blurb in use, if any
  • Length of Blurb Required
  • Any specific requests: Tone, POV, content notes, etc.
Once this information is sent, I will review and contact you regarding a contract, along how to obtain your completed (does not have to be edited) manuscript.