Book Review – “Fool’s Gold” by Tansey Morgan

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Book Review - Fool's Gold by Tansey Morgan, Book 4 in The Harlequin's Harem Series

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Fool’s Gold: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy
by Tansey Morgan

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

slow-burn, urban fantasy RH

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

From Goodreads:

My hunt for the Jester is taking me to Italy, but if I want to put that demon down, blood will need to be spilled.

Tansey is back with Fool’s Gold, a continuation of Andi’s spine-tingling story as she navigates her life as a Harlequin, a rare magical bloodline, and as a woman with three sexy, dangerous, powerful boyfriends. If she’s going to pull through she’s going to have to keep her eyes on the prize, but as she’ll soon discover, not all is as it seems.

This is Book 4 in The Harlequin Harem Series, for my review on book 1, see here! For my reviews on Books 3 & 4, see here!


I have really like this series so far, but the books are now so short! Feels like she could have combined 3 & 4 into a longer, yet still normal, size novel – without losing flow at all.

Andi is coming into her powers and learning how to be the Harlequin her Bloodline requires, even if she has little true knowledge to go on. The history is scant, as Harlequin’s are incredibly rare – and the only other Harlequin she has met died in Book 3. It’s a complicated situation made even more treacherous by the Death Jester… and Andi’s inevitable fate intertwining so tightly with the masked monster.

As for her guys, those relationships are growing stronger and we are learning a bit more about how everyone feels – and how they actually blend, though those emotional aspects are not the main focus in this novel.


  • The story line and plot is pretty fantastic
  • Andi is growing by leaps and bounds and becoming a character you love to read about.


  • Short… yes, yes, I’m harping.
  • A few editing issues, just transposed words. Auto correct in word processor gone wrong.

I’m interested to see where she goes with this. At this time, I do not have any information regarding the publication of Book 5, but I will try to update it on the (still in construction) release calendar.

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem (RH) Urban Fantasy which features sexual situations more suited to a mature audience.

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