Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks – A Book Review

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Blind Beast Mate

(Beast Mates – Book 1)

by Milana Jacks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Explicit Alien Romance

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited 

Down and Dirty

A fast read, novella length. Alright. Free on KU.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

When life deals a wild card, play it no matter the cost.

Since the day Rey’s defiance earned her a blinding blow to the head, fear has hovered as close as the guide dog that clings to her side. But the terror that grips her now is almost beyond description.

Like her sister before her, Rey has been sold to satisfy the lusts of one of the alien Beasts that now rule the Earth. If the towering, leather-clad Alpha discovers his prize can’t see, he could kill her with a flick of his claw. Or worse, send her home—where the only mercy she’ll get is a bullet.

From the moment the Alpha Beast spotted Rey smiling tenderly at her flowers, his desire to own her, body and soul, roared louder than his bike’s throaty engine. But the only smiles his new pair aims his way are forced—and oddly off target. She is liquid heat in his arms, yet ignores the notes and gifts he leaves for her.

If he can’t win her over, he can’t trust her with his own truth. And the combined weight of their secrets could destroy everything.

***This dystopian fairy tale features one brave heroine paired with one sweet, unapologetic, possessive, protective, and kinky Alpha male Beast. Mating Trope, HEA***

Thoughts on Blind Beast Mate


Fast and kinda fun. This is a story about misconceptions and misunderstandings. She’s blind and sold under a guise of lies to an alpha beast – an alien race that took over earth after the great nuclear war. She’s worried he’ll return her if he finds out, he’s worried she’ll run if SHE finds out the truth about his people.

Honestly, there is not much to this Novella in terms of plot or meaning, but it was still a heated and fun read that ate up an hour of my time. Super steamy with just the right amount of kink, if crude.


  • Kinda cute.
  • Fast paced.
  • Fated mate trope, but I still rather like it.
  • FMC is Blind: true disabilities are rare in PNR or Dystopian tales, at least those with a romantic bent. Nice to read.


  • Crude, but alright.
  • Not much of a real story, or any emotional connection.
  • Characters are flat.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type



NC-17 to XXX

Romantic Dynamic



OK novella. Not much to it, but fits well with the ‘Fated Mate’ trope. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published September 3td, 2016

101 Pages

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