Agent of Enchantment by C.M. Crawford and Alex Rivers – A Book Review

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Agent of Enchantment by C.N Crawford & Alex Rivers - A Book Review #BookReview #UF #5Stars #KindleUnlimited #KU

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Agent of Enchantment

(Dark Fae Series – Book 1)

by C.N. Crawford & Alex Rivers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Urban Fantasy
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down & Dirty

Gripping with magic and suspense, this book teases a larger world while quickly ripping way the veil of normalcy. It’s fast, intense and a Urban Fantasy Lover’s delight. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

The fae live among us. And one of them is a serial killer.

I thought this would be a simple profiling case. Just another Jack-the-Ripper wannabe, prowling London’s streets, searching for easy kills. I was wrong. This killer is fae, and he’s as elusive as smoke on the wind. But I’m an FBI profiler, and it’s my job to track him down.

It doesn’t matter that one of the main suspects–a lethally alluring fae–is trying to seduce me… or kill me, I’m not sure which. I won’t be stopped, not even when panic roils through the streets of London, or when the police start to suspect me.

As I close in on the killer, I follow him to a magical shadow realm that’s like nothing I ever expected, where I’m hunted like prey. Fine. Bring it on. I’m an FBI Agent. And it turns out I have magical powers of my own.

Thoughts on Agents of Enchantment

There is something about a well written, well rounded, Urban Fantasy that soothes my soul and catches my imagination on fire. This book, once we pass the prologue, it feels like a modern detective novel, where a FBI Agent faces the mind of a psychotic killer. That ambiance is soon dashed as the truth of magic and the hidden realms slams into Cassandra with a violence that leaves the reader stunned.

In other words? It’s the perfect introduction to a new world that promises to be as complex as it is action filled. There is a touch of romance, a wealth of danger and enough fast moving pieces to keep the story clipping along.

Well done.

Favorite Lines

Be courteous, and be prepared to kill everyone you meet. (9%)
There’s no better seasoning than hunger. (22%)


  • Well written.
  • Well edited.
  • Story flows at a fast, but smooth pace.
  • The revelations are kept to a steady deluge.
  • Cassandra. I rather adore her.
  • Roan.
  • Gabriel.
  • Ok…. so I like ALL the main characters here!


  • The only thing I didn’t like? The tropey future protagonist prologue. It’s not that it was done poorly, I’m just not a huge fan of that method.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type



Upper YA to R

Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range


My Final Verdict on Agent of Enchantment

Well written and well rounded, this is a great introduction to a complex and fascinating Paranormal World. Magic, mayhem and murder – it’s all here, and it’s all free on Kindle Unlimited.

Published April 9th, 2017
324 Pages

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