Accidental Knight by Nicole Snow – A Book Review

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Accidental Knight

A Marriage Mistake Romance

by Nicole Snow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Contemporary Romance

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited 

Down and Dirty

This is a sweet Marriage Mistake Romance with just the right amount of dirty. Perfect for an afternoon read – Free on KU.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Accidentally wed to a screaming hot stranger.

I inherited a freaking husband.
Grandpa’s will was a shocker: huge fortune, gorgeous ranch, and the best horse ever.
The fine print? Marrying Mr. Grump-alicious.
The man who’s supposed to protect me from…what, exactly?
That’s what I hope to find out if Drake Larkin ever talks.

I know what I’m in for the first time his glance tears me open.
A broody enigma who’s large and in charge.
A mute who curls my toes when he barks a few words.
A silly, shameful, is-this-real-life crush I can’t afford.

Did I mention our pretend marriage-rodeo lasts six damn months?
Long enough to teach my heart cartwheels.
Time enough to seal this madness with a kiss.
Insane enough for secrets to slip – and sting.

Grandpa’s last wishes scare me. So do Drake’s real motives.
But it’s my beast of a “husband” who makes ridiculous seem right.
Have I found my knight?
Does love have a prayer when life throws us a dragon?

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow – a mistake meant to be. One moody alpha slayer gives his all to rustle up the damsel of his dreams. Full length romance novel with a heartwarming Happily Ever After.

Thoughts on Accidental Knight


This is that kind of sweet, contemporary romance that has just the right edge of danger and appeal, along with a hefty dose of dirty talk and sexy times!

Sad circumstances bring two lost souls together, guided by the kind hearted machinations of a brilliant and well loved old man who passed on. It’s heart warming, a bit raunchy and perfectly imperfect. Oh, and there’s a horse.


  • Sweet.
  • The formula works.
  • Not everyone is quite what they appear.
  • Small town appeal.
  • Edison (The Horse).


  • Formulaic.
  • Would like more details with Angie and the lawyer.
  • Company finale is not explained very well, at least per the plot set up.


First Person, Multiple POV

Ending Type



NC-17 to XXX (Steamy!!)


4 out of 5 Stars

If you are looking for that hot and satisfying afternoon delight kind of read, then this is your fare. It’s a custom made Happily Ever After – and it’s free on KU.

Published May 27th, 2019

460 Pages

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