Absorb by Analeigh Ford – A Book Review

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Absorb by Analeigh Ford - A Book Review #Reverseharem #RH #ParanormalRomance #PNR #Academy #Powers

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Absorb (Forgotten Affinities – Book 1)

by Analeigh Ford
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Slow Burn RH, Paranormal Romance

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited


Down and Dirty

For an academy tale, this is fairly decent. Not perfect, but alright.

What is it about?

Olivia Hadley grew up in a family without magic.. yet somehow she is blessed with the gift. Accepted into the elite New York Academy of Mages, Olivia is nervous but excited. Here, she can undergo the ritual to discover her affinities and unlock her powers, accompanied by her best friend and her brother. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and the chance to carve a new path, what could possibly go wrong?

Well…. perhaps breaking the affinity ritual and somehow getting branded with not just 3 affinities, but 4, is not the best way to start her day…


This was a bit confusing at times and rambled here and there, but overall I have to give it a nod for concept and execution.

Olivia is an interesting character, but rather average when it comes to Paranormal Romances. Aside from the fact that she has been branded with all three affinities, plus a fourth one no one knew about, there is little to make her stand out. Each of her brands comes with a pairing, an affinity match that will strengthen and teach her – as she should do for them. That leaves her with four matches at the school, and at least three of them are highly dubious of the notion.

This book, on the surface, is intriguing and sparks all sorts of ideas. In actuality, it is…. average? It’s nice, don’t get me wrong – and can help you pass some enjoyable time with your Kindle. It’s just not GREAT. And neither of the characters, though they do have some pretty great moments and the dialogue is entertaining at times.


First Person, Multiple POV


  • Good concept.
  • Who doesn’t like academy stories?
  • Some unique twists on familiar themes.



  • Reminiscent of ‘Marked by Power’ – though different enough not to cause any yelling.
  • Rambled and felt disjointed.
  • Some action was confusing.
  • Character actions and choices made little sense.

Favorite line

The wood it is made of is probably worth more than all my organs sold on the black market. (52%)


3.5 out of 5 Stars

I would recommend this to fans of ‘Marked by Power’ and Academy stories. It will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it just might be yours.

Published: October 19th, 2018

230 Pages 

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem Novel with sexual themes more suited to a mature audience.

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