A Tail of Woah by Jacquelyn Faye – A Book Review

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A Tail of Woah: A Reverse Harem Academy Tail

(The Fox and The Hounds – Book 1)

by Jacquelyn Faye
My rating: 5 Stars out of 5 Stars

Medium Burn Paranormal Academy RH

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

This book is flat out funny and so worth every second or dime you spend on it! Free on KU.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

As the daughter of an Inari Fox, celestial messenger to the gods, I should have been reverent, wise, and collected like my father. As the daughter of a kitsune queen, I should have been poised and delicate, with just a hint of playfulness to pay homage to the fox spirit within, just like my mother. Unfortunately, genetics can be unpredictable, and they ended up with a hot mess dipped in sarcasm, rolled in spunk, drizzled with sass, and sprinkled with pop-rocks.

Hi! My name’s Kaede, and I’m that mess.

Life was a never-ending series of clubbing and drinking with my bodyguard, Hiroki. That was his official title, but he’s more of a babysitter. He’s a nogitsune, kind of like a kitsune, but more physically badass with a little less spiritual oomph. I have the hots for him, but he’s afraid of losing important pieces of his anatomy if my parents catch him touching their daughter.
I enjoyed my life, except for the hangovers and vomit. It was good. Until I decided to save a human from jumping off a building, just because he saw dead people. The supernatural community had one rule. Don’t get caught. I ended up on the six-o’clock news and shipped off to boarding school to learn how to blend in better. Good times.

The kicker is Aesir Academy is in Iceland. Know what’s in Iceland? Ice, land, and ancient Norse gods. Some of which are sleeping. For a damn reason. Like wanting to destroy the world. Know what wakes them up? Celestial messengers. Know how to keep them from waking up? Kill the messenger.

School should be about fitting in with the popular kids, not destroying the world and staying alive. At least I made some friends to help me save the world. Dogs love foxes. Especially hellhounds and werewolves…

This trilogy is intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic language, puns, and sexual situations. 18+ readers only! Harem members are added as the series progresses. Includes M/M themes. This is a medium burn reverse harem where the girl gets all the guys. Why Choose? 

Thoughts on A Tail of Woah

Bloody hysterical!!!

This book packs a serious punch – it’s sexy, action loaded and so funny I literally laughed out loud too many times to count.

It’s an academy setting, but with full on adults (thank god!) and presented differently than the standard academy fare. It’s kinda sweet, a whole lot Steamy and flush with mythology of multiple cultures. Perfect!

Favorite Lines

Yes. I just dedicated this book to the man who invented the Keurig. You got a problem with that? (1%)
He sighed again. He made that noise a lot. If he kept losing air like that, I was going to have to keep a can of fix-a-flat and an air compressor around for emergencies. Nobody wanted a flat Hiroki. (17%)
The awesome thing about showers is, nobody can see you crying. (18%)
Even Fenrir, who normally imparted words of wisdom during such moments of oh fuckery, was eerily silent. (95%)


  • So, so funny!!!
  • Love the mythology!
  • Great world building.
  • No info dump.
  • Ends with a few answers, but far too many questions.
  • Episodic ending, not a cliffhanger.
  • Feels longer than it is, but in a good way.


  • Seriously…. I’ve got questions. One BIG one… you’ll know it when you finish (no spoilers here!)
  • Book 2? Need… need…. need!!


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type




Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range



This was a GREAT intro book to a new series. Fast paced, well written and hot enough to keep you up reading late, it ventures into the RH game with a strong showing. Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Published May 31st, 2019

206 Pages

Please note, this is a Reverse Harem tale which features mature sexual themes and scenes more suited to an older audience. 

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