A Lover’s Worth by S.A. Parker – A Book Review

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A Lover’s Worth

(Spawn of Darkness – Book 3)

by S.A. Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Slow Burn, Fantasy RH
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

While not quite as explicit in trigger worthy events as Books 1 & 2, this book still brings plenty of punches – and quite a few revelations as well. Free on Kindle Unlimited!

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

She’s not the woman they thought she was.

Dell’s Sun Gods will strip her soul bare in an attempt to understand the woman they have come to care for, revealing the rot festering within—the shadows staining her insides, plaguing her, torturing her in ways more sinister than the lifetime of abuse she’s endured.

They won’t give up on her, even when it’s clear the fragments of Dell are too scattered to piece back together.

She’s a broken, beautiful disaster.
She’s the woman who could change the world.

But there’s a dam inside her, threatening to burst …

Spawned from the darkness, her beast is ready to play.

Note from the Author

This is book three in the four-part Spawn of Darkness series and cannot be read as a standalone. It features a strong, albeit mentally shattered female lead, and four protective High Fae Gods who will do everything in their power to protect her.
It is a slow burn reverse harem romance with sensitive and taboo subjects, sex slavery, offensive language, explicit sexual content and violence. It contains content which some readers will find triggering. Intended for a mature audience aged eighteen years and over.

Thoughts on A Lover’s Worth

Rough yet beautiful

Dell’s journey is just getting started – and it’s one heck of an uphill battle. Book 2 ended with a massive surprise for the Sun Gods, a revelation they must ALL deal with here, and possibly plan for.. if chaos can be planned for. That planning, the bonding, the emotion… it all comes to a head here and Dell finds herself at the crossroads of fear and fate. Fair warning, like previous book, this one ends on a zinger of a cliffhanger.


  • There is a deeper message here, interwoven with the angst and pain.
  • Dell is zany and ridiculous, but you realize it’s hiding a core of strength and wisdom.
  • The Gods come into their own a bit more here, and start individualizing their characters.


  • There are some brutal parts. Seriously.
  • Felt Very short.
  • Their Unique beasts are not really addressed.


First Person, Single POV (Except final chapter)

Ending Type

Cliffhanger… yup.


18+ only. XXX

Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range



4 out of 5 Stars

Published August 8th, 2019
208 Pages

Please note, A Lover’s Worth is part of an intense and trigger filled series that also happens to feature a Reverse Harem Romance. Please be aware that content includes scenes of mental anguish, sexual slavery, taboo subjects, offensive language and violence. Caution advised. 

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