A Feather’s Worth by S.A. Parker – A Book Review

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A Feather’s Worth

(Spawn of Darkness – Book 2)

by S.A. Parker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dark Slow Burn RH Fantasy
Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

Down and Dirty

A dark peek into the soul of a lost girl…. this is a captivating and engrossing slow burn RH that pulls you in, smacks you around and dares you to keep reading. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

What is it about?

(Blurb from GoodReads)

Broken, defiled, thrown back into the shadows … Dell’s not afraid to put her body, or her life on the line to scrub the grime from her filthy conscience. Because she has secrets … they have been clawing at her since she was too young to comprehend their implications.

She’s not just battling the truths festering within her, she’s also fighting against her impending mortality. Her time is running out. All or nothing, this is it … this is where she pays her dues. But it’s a cost her Sun Gods aren’t willing to let her pay.

They will fight for her, break rules for her, do everything in their fading power to save her from the darkness she spawned from … risking everything for a woman they thought they knew.

Dell is lying to them.
Dell is lying to herself.

Her Sun Gods are about to unravel her … they may not like what they find when they expose the woman within.

This is book two in the four-part Spawn of Darkness series and cannot be read as a standalone. A Feather’s Worth is written entirely from Dell’s perspective. It is a slow burn reverse harem romance with sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language, violence, and explicit sexual situations. It contains content which some readers will find triggering. Intended for an audience aged eighteen years and over. 

Thoughts on A Feather’s Worth

Holy bloody smokes!

This is NOT an easy book to love, but it’s an impossible book to hate. Book 1 (see my review here) had me on the fence, while this one threw me firmly into fan mode…. reluctantly?

It’s brutal, harsh and unforgiving – and so dang compelling you just HAVE to keep reading. It deserves every trigger warning it gets, plus some. Yet for those with the stomach, the story behind the violence and cruelty is riveting. Or maybe it’s the horror that makes it riveting? Either way, it got me. I hesitated on book 1, but I’m won over.

Favorite Lines

I’m going to need an iron fucking labia, because it’s going to take some guts with a side of impulsive bitch to carry out what I have in mind. (11%)
I woke in this quaint little healer’s hut, which smells like a herb garden had sex with some highly illicit drugs. (85%)


  • Dell. She still talks to herself and her vagina too much, but she’s growing on me. A lot.
  • The Sun Gods. They don’t feature as much in this installment, and the intimate nature of their relationships is still a slow burn, but what we do see (about 45% on) makes me fall a little bit in love with all of them.
  • Stockholm. It’s a real thing… and the after effects are debilitating.
  • Foreshadowing from book 1 plays out here.


  • It’s a HARD, really hard book. The men in this world are trained to be unkind, and Dell is the brunt of that torture at a brothel. Pay the fuck attention to those trigger warnings and stay clear if you need to.
  • I almost felt bad for her vag in this installment. Last book, her lady bits had a virtual mind of their (her?) own… this book? They suffer some serious sleep apnea, attitude wise. Oh, there’s some vulva snark, but nothing like the previous novel.


First Person, Single POV

Ending Type

Cliffhanger…. and it’s a doozy.


NC-17 to XXX… all the ratings. ALL of them.

Romantic Dynamic


Character Age Range

23 to Gods


4 out of 5 Stars

Published June 30th, 2019

180 Pages

Please note, this is a series which features alternative and extreme content meant for ADULTS only. 18+

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